A Couple’s First Time

Sophie glanced at her partner nervously as they waited. Her anticipation was building rapidly. A queer mixture of anxiety and excitement was brewing in her stomach. The night would either be incredible or a complete disaster and it was impossible to predict which way it would go.
Sophie and David had talked about having a threesome for a long time. At first it had been playfully; a joke here, a hint there. But gradually the conversation had become serious and the two of them had started to discuss the possibility for real. They had discussed terms and toyed with situations in their mind until finally they came to an agreement: they would hire an escort.

It was the perfect solution. With an escort there was no cause for jealousy, no awkward loose ends and they were able to select a girl that both of them found attractive. On top of this was the bonus of experience. If they didn’t know what they were doing, the escort certainly would!
David took Sophie’s hand and squeezed it reassuringly. He was excited, but he wanted to be certain that Sophie was enjoying herself just as much. He smiled. She smiled back. Then the doorbell rang. David jumped up to open it with sweating palms and a racing heartbeat. He felt like a teenager going on his first date!

The woman at the door was a slim brunette with smoky eyes. She was wearing blue jeans and a dark halter neck blouse. They had requested that she dress sexily, but casual. Sophie didn’t want to feel too intimidated by their special guest.
They greeted the woman and offered her something to drink, which she graciously accepted. They sat in the lounge together sipping wine and making small talk for a few minutes before the escort asked if she would be shown the bedroom.

Nervously, Sophie led the way to their room, forcing herself to stay relaxed. Once inside she sat down on the bed and carefully removed her shirt, beckoning the escort to come join her. The escort followed Sophie’s lead and also removed her shirt. Her breasts were full and voluptuous. Sophie was impressed and reached out hesitantly to touch them. They felt amazing!

The escort did the same to Sophie and leaned in to kiss her nipples gently, slowly beginning to suck them while keeping eye contact with David. David was growing hard at the sight of his girlfriend being touched by another woman. He eagerly removed his pants and came over to join them.

Sophie and David has discussed in detail how they might like the evening to pan out. Both of them wanted to come from the experience. It was decided that Sophie would lie back and enjoy an intimate servicing from their companion while David entered the other woman from behind.

Sophie had never had another woman lick her pussy before. The escort’s velvety tongue found soft folds and crevices that even David was yet to explore! She was a professional after all. David watched hungrily as the escort lapped at his girlfriend’s pussy and then positioned himself behind her, squeezing her firm ass, ramming his cock into her.

The escort didn’t stop eating Sophie out as David began to move inside her. She moaned into Sophie’s pussy to let David know she was enjoying herself, but she stayed focus on getting Sophie off as well. Sophie came in waves all over the escort’s mouth as David spilled his load deep inside her. It was some of the best sex of their entire relationship.

After they thanked the woman and bid her goodnight Sophie and David curled up close in their bed, completely satisfied. Their first threesome, which was also their first encounter with an escort, had turned out extremely well. Maybe they would even try it again sometime…