A Lesson Part 3

I always love making a great performance of harnessing up my strap on. Men simultaneously envy me and crave my attention, while women often discover that they are not quite as heterosexual as they claimed to be. I looked around and caught the eye of a few watching men, who quickly looked away.

‘OK, Carrie. It’s time for us to play a little game. Are you ready?’ Carrie had been so involved with her little craft project, tying together the 30 or so pegs dangling precariously from Ayden’s tenderest parts that she hadn’t noticed me buckling up for a ride. Ayden, on the other hand, had been watching me carefully. He knew that I wasn’t dressing for him as we’d never explored that part of his desires. Even though we both knew it would happen one day before I ever encouraged him to step outside of his comfort zone, we would discuss the scene and he would consent in advance. But there was one fantasy I knew that he loved. We would role play with one of my incredibly talented professional colleagues. I’d restrain him and make him watch me pleasure her, all the while telling him how useless he was. I’d ask him what it felt like to know that I could go longer, harder, and deeper than he could ever dream of doing.

Tonight, I was here to create a dynamic power play connection between him and Carrie and I knew the perfect way to make that happen. Carrie was almost frozen into place. I’m not sure what she had been expecting, but clearly, it hadn’t been this.  ‘Come young lady! I am going to teach you something.’ She shook her head so adorably, as if trying to clear her mind, pulled herself together, looked me right in the eye and said, ‘Of course Mistress. It would be a pleasure.’ As she walked towards me with a sassy little sway of the hips, I thought to myself, ‘You have no idea.’

When she got in front of me, I looked straight past her, locking eyes with Ayden and said quietly, ‘Touch it, Carrie. I know you’re dying to.’ She blushed slightly, which told me everything I needed to know and then she wrapped her hand around the massive dildo. If a dildo could throb, it would have. She ran her hand up and down it with a firm stroke, feeling its firmness and the weight in her hand.

She looked up at me through her eyelashes and I stroked her pretty face gently with the back of my hand. I motioned to a couple of the staff, who had been discreetly monitoring the room, tidying, keeping the equipment clean, and helping when requested. They were all lovely young, beautiful men and women, wearing bottomless chaps. They went perfectly with the décor. I whispered in one of their ears and they both disappeared into another room briefly, returning with a beautifully upholstered leather bench with knee pads.

I pulled Carrie to me, accepting her invitation to explore her mouth with my tongue. She moaned and shivered slightly in my arms. I quietly and carefully told her what I had on my mind and asked her if she wanted that to happen. She surprised me by putting her hands behind her back, spreading her legs slightly, thrusting out her chest and breathily saying ‘Yes Mistress’. I chuckled to myself. Sometimes I forget the effect I have on people.

Ayden had been watching all of this with wide eyes. He usually knew what to expect, but Carrie’s presence meant that everything was different now. I had the helpers pull the bench up right in front of him. I guided Carrie up onto the bench, with her knees on either side, comfortably supported by the padded shelves. She was facing Ayden. I moved in behind her.

‘Well, Ayden. You brought me this fetching young lady to teach. You do realise that she must learn to take pleasure whenever she chooses as this will give her great power. Now you are going to see her learning that lesson. What do you say slave?’ Ayden rarely trembles when he speaks, but this time, he did and he was visibly rock hard. ‘Thank you, Mistress.’

I slid my fingers up and down the warm, soft, velveteen lips, presenting themselves like a succulent flower under Carrie’s schoolgirl skirt. Even though she was dripping by now and certainly wet enough for me to slide myself in up to the hilt, I knew that I wanted to take my time, so I pulled out a small sachet of lube from a secret pocket on my catsuit. One must always have lube to hand. I left Carrie for a moment and strode up to Ayden as I stroked the lube the length of my long, hard, black, silicon strap on.

I grabbed one of the pieces of string, holding a peg to the sensitive skin along the side of his belly and pulled hard. Ayden gasped loudly. I smiled at him dismissively and handed the string to Carrie. ‘Carrie,’ I said meaningfully, ‘he’s your toy on a string. Torment him as you please.’  I moved behind her, nimbly fingering her hard little button as I slid the entire shaft of my strap on into her tight, deep hole. I could only imagine what it would feel like if it were real, but the sensation of power and the pleasure I was giving was quite enough. I also needed a completely clear head for what was to come.

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