A Lesson Part 6

As I licked the sweet, salty essence of Carrie from my lips, I have no doubt that I looked like the cat who got the cream. I made eye contact with poor Ayden, who, I could see was in dire need of some relief. Quickly regaining my composure, I stood, and gave Carrie’s lovely arse a loud smack.

“It’s time for your next lesson lovely lady,” I announced as I moved around her and offered her my hand. I knew she would still be a little bit wobbly and disoriented but now she needed to return to her responsibilities. We were both sated and ready to further enjoy Ayden’s submission.

A good Domme is a puppet master of the desires of her submissive. It was a joy to be able to channel my power through a willing intermediary, such as the delightful and delicious.

I quickly glanced around the room and gestured subtly to one of the helpers to bring me a chair. They provided me with a perfect antique gilt leather, Louis XV Bergère chair. Almost a throne. I had them place facing Ayden, but slightly to one side so I could enjoy the erotic theatre I was about to direct.

Still holding Carrie’s hand, I sat and beckoned her closer, so I could instruct her. I was impressed that she still had the strings attached to the pegs that remained, the one dangling from his foreskin bounced amusingly as his cock bobbed up and down in anticipation. I hoped that my confidence in her ability to follow my instructions was well founded.

Carrie moved in front of Ayden, who was still bound to the cross, flushed with excitement and almost panting. Standing as close as possible without making contact, she wordlessly leaned in and started to kiss him, their tongues entwined as desperate, involuntary groans came from Ayden. Carrie pulled away sharply, giggling. The cool repose in her timing and actions sent shivers up my own spine.

By now Ayden was rock hard, his pegged foreskin being stretched to contain his rapidly swelling member. Carrie looked him in the eyes, as she wrapped her hand around him, sliding it slowly up and down rhythmically, breathing audibly, in and out as she did so. Ayden was spellbound.

Carrie removed her hand, gave him the most evil smile and said, “I think it’s time we freed your little man, don’t you?”

Without catching a breath, she snatched her hand back and pulled the clothespin from the end of Ayden’s dick, causing him to cry out, his body convulsing and his eyes rolling back. The confusion he felt between the pain and pleasure of the moment was divine and Carrie did not once avert her gaze, as if she were gaining energy from his masochistic rapture. Without giving him the chance to catch his breath, she pulled again, and all the pegs came away from his body in a snapping motion, as if a zipper had been opened, Ayden’s knees buckling.

Carrie immediately pressed her body against his, leaning her weight on him and whispering into his ear. She reached up and removed the cuffs that had restrained his arms throughout the scene. As I had thought, he was unable to control himself and wrapped his arms around Carrie and tried to pull her towards him. I waited, fascinated, to see how Carrie would handle this.

I knew that on one hand, she was craving intimacy with him now, but on the other, I had switched on a part of her that craved power. She stepped back and he was unable to pursue her as his ankles remained bound to the cross.

“Who am I?” She demanded loudly.

Ayden stuttered, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. Had he forgotten? “Umm. I’m so sorry. My Queen. You are so magnificent I lost control. I beg for your forgiveness.” He looked at the floor.

She nodded but said nothing, bent down and undid the cuffs on his ankles. “You will now need to earn my forgiveness.”

Carrie looked over at me and raised her eyebrows questioningly. I realised that she needed a little bit of support. It was easy to forget that she was new to BDSM and did not know all the rituals.

“Ayden. Show your Queen how humble you can be.” I spoke quietly.

Without looking at me, he simply replied, “Yes Mistress,” got on his knees and stretched out his arms in front of him, his face bent to the floor. This prone position was a part of his slave training and he understood exactly what was expected from him.

Carrie looked utterly delighted with this new discovery. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head up so that he could see her face.

Breathlessly, she spoke to him. “Ayden. My boots have gotten so dirty since I have been here. I think the best way for you to earn my forgiveness is to clean them. Thoroughly.” She let go of his hair, his head flopping forward, stood up with her hands on her hips and took a step backwards.

“Crawl.” Her voice was formidable, and husky and Ayden responded immediately, crawling towards her. Reaching the pointed toe of her shiny, leather boot, he extended his tongue and as he made contact, let out a deep and satisfied sigh. He was where he had wanted to be ever since he had met Carrie. He had fantasised about this. Losing complete control over his body in that moment, he ejaculated the smallest amount and hoped that Mistress had not noticed.

She had and she was already planning his punishment with glee.

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