A Lesson

As I looked through my toy box and considered my options, I thought about how fun the evening was going to be. There are two things I love: domination and couples. Tonight, I was going to get my greedy little mitts on both. Ayden had been to see me a number of times in the past few months. He was interested in BDSM and had wanted to learn some of the more nuanced techniques. After the second session, he told me that he had met a lovely girl and believed it was going to get quite serious. His only hesitation was his predilection for kink. He was concerned that if she were vanilla through and through, they may be incompatible.

We had a good chat at a wine bar down the road from my favourite dungeon as we were unwinding from a rather intense session. As he described her, he used words like ‘clever’, ‘sexy’, ‘strong’ and ‘comfortable in her own skin.’ In response, I suggested that she sounded like someone who, if not already a little bit wayward, would probably be quite open minded. I told him that if he really wanted to make a go of it and didn’t want to worry about having to hide his sexual preferences, he should be honest with her.

Turns out that it went rather well for him. He even told her about me, which, quite frankly, I think that many women might find difficult to accept. Not only was she very curious about me, but she insisted that she come along to see what Ayden and I do together. I was relieved to hear this when I saw Ayden next. As an escort, the last thing I want to do is hamper or hinder the relationships that my clients have in their day to day lives. Quite the contrary. I consider myself a little bit of added spice to make life more interesting and pleasant. While I realise that of the many married men whom I see regularly, very few have told their partners or wives about me, I also know that I help to keep those relationships healthy.

Men who enjoy being dominated, often have home lives where they feel they shoulder a great deal of responsibility. They may be the head of their household, the head of a large corporation, the head of a military battalion or even a head of government. My clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and while some of them have unusual fetishes, they all definitely want to feel that they aren’t in control for the short while that they are with me. If they admitted this to their partners, or if it got out to their work colleagues or the general public, it could ultimately be the end for them. I am perfectly aware of the gravity of the situation they face, as are they. That is why they come to me. I am known as much for my discretion as I am for my skills and I take great pride in both.

I am rather fond of Ayden. He’s refreshing in his desire to please me, even when he is not serving me. Our Mistress and servant relationship ends formally when the clock runs out and he knows that. Nevertheless, he endeavours to do things that he can tell me about during our sessions, that he knows will please me. For example, he knows that I adore cats and have rescued a number of them. He presented me with a receipt for a substantial donation he had made to one of my preferred cat charities. Of course, he knows that when he pleases me, it means more of the sort of pleasure he enjoys. As I happen to like dispensing that type of pleasure, it really is a win/win, for me, Ayden and, the cats.

Ayden’s new girlfriend’s name is Carrie and from the photographs he’s shown me, she’s quite the looker. He’s employed my time to accompany them to a private members club that caters to those of the more perverted persuasion. I particularly like this club as men cannot attend without a woman accompanying them and they have extremely strict rules about women having to initiate all interactions. The BDSM community is one of the safest places for women because consent is the absolute underlying tenet, but in some of the less salubrious clubs, there are men in attendance who do not fully understand this. This particular club is also quite expensive to join and requires a recommendation from current members, so I was impressed that Ayden had a membership. Another little surprise to please me.

I wore my standard skin tight pvc cat suit with a mask. I brought a small black leather satchel with my tools and toys and I greeted them at the door, where they were waiting for me. Ayden looked stylish in a smart suit and tie and Carrie had definitely dressed to turn some heads. Wearing a short schoolgirl’s skirt with thigh high leather boots with impossibly high heels, a leather bralette and her hair in pigtails, she looked like a schoolgirl from the pits of hell. I liked it. And, as she’s quite petite, even the heels didn’t make her stand taller than Ayden, even though I did.

We entered the club arm in arm as if we already were a threesome and went to the bar. The main room, where the bar is, stays relatively calm. People in various states of dress and undress mingle casually, drinking, eating finger food and chatting. It’s not until you explore the rest of the property that you find the action. I had a frank conversation with both Ayden and Carrie. I take my work very seriously and, as an escort working with a reputable agency such as Cleopatra Escorts, my professionalism is always a priority, as is the safety and pleasure of my clients.

I explained to Carrie what was going to happen, using the opportunity to start teasing Ayden and get him into a place, psychologically, where I could better influence him. We discussed our scene, safe words and I told Carrie that she must not touch or try to use any of my tools or toys without my express permission. While I was not here to dominate Carrie, but to help her learn how to do so, I remained Mistress at all times and would be referred to as such by both of them. Everyone agreed eagerly and I could tell that the champagne had readied them for our little adventure.

I took Carrie by the hand and she grabbed Ayden. I knew the club well and led them to a space at the back of one of the rooms, set up for bondage and domination scenes, where I knew there was a St. Andrew’s Cross, padded, lushly upholstered in leather, and laden with various connectors that made it perfect for restraining someone in a variety of positions.

I looked directly at Ayden and the mood in the room shifted as my energy became apparent to all of those around us. I spoke softly and told him to undress. He lowered his gaze and I circled him, running my eyes over him like a piece of meat as he tried to disrobe as unclumsily as possible. Unfortunately, men are not great at doing this and so I always use the opportunity to make them squirm slightly. Carrie just stood to one side and watched. I could see, from the look in her eyes, that she was going to take to this very naturally.

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