A Little Research

I’ve been working on this book for a year now and one of my main characters is a lawyer who frequents escorts as a way to deal with his stress. The book is in its final stages, but I’d been unhappy about the scenes where he meets with an escort, as I had been finding it difficult to illustrate the experience in words. I’m not sure why I’d been having this problem. I mean, of course, I’d never been to see an escort myself, but then again, there are many things that I write about that I’ve no first-hand knowledge of. Perhaps I had some repressed shame or judgment about it. Being a writer, locked up in my office in my flat for up to 18 hours a day writing, doesn’t really engender a lifestyle that includes a sex life. To be honest, I’d sort of forgotten what sex is all about anyway. I’m a bit overweight and indulge myself in my writing to such an extent that my libido is nothing but a distraction.

Often, when I hit a sticky point in one of my books, I go out and do some research. It might just be trying a certain type of alcoholic drink, or sitting in a specific park to feel the ambience. I even once smoked a joint so that I could more accurately write about a character that was a pot head. So, it wasn’t unusual for me to want to learn more about my character’s experience to better inform my writing. I giggled to myself about it because it seemed so naughty and unlike me. I’m sure if anyone could have seen me laughing all on my own, in my dim office, they would have thought me to be some sort of maniac.

Even though it felt terribly exotic and adventuresome for me, it also was a bit of a chore because I knew it was something that I had to do. So, I got on my computer and looked for what seemed like the most reputable looking escort agency I could find. Cleopatra Escorts did have an alluring sound to it. I must admit I was a bit baffled by the process as I’d expected it to just be sent whomever they had available. Instead, I was able to look through a whole catalogue of beautiful women. There really was someone for everyone. I wasn’t sure who to pick, but remembering that I was researching my book, I tried to choose a woman who would appeal to the character I was writing about.

I found a petite blonde young lady with striking eyes and a sweet smile and booked my date with her. It was all frighteningly easy and I was a little bit anxious that it was all a big mistake. I’d never done something like this before and I didn’t think I had it in me. I laughed out loud to myself again. I had a sleepless night worrying about the date because even though I was paying for this young woman’s time, I didn’t want to appear to be a boring old eccentric fuddy duddy, even though that’s exactly what I am. I’d arranged a nice hotel for the evening and had requested that she meet me in the downstairs bar. I muddled over what to wear for such an occasion and settled on a nice suit that still fit me and didn’t look too dated as I’d only bought it five years previously for a television interview I’d done about a previous novel I’d written.

I waited with undeniably sweaty palms at the bar nursing a whiskey. Eventually, there was a tap on my shoulder and when I turned around I was looking into the face of the prettiest girl I could imagine. At first, I forget why I was even there and assumed she had tapped the wrong shoulder. I came back to my senses when she said my name and smiled at me. I stood up and, not knowing what to do, formally shook her hand and invited her to come join me at a table for a drink.

She was very chatty and bright. She had a degree in art and was saving up money to travel. I was enchanted with her company and took some time to explain what I was doing. She loved the idea that I was a writer doing research and as we had a few drinks, I felt totally relaxed with her. All the nerves had left and I found her utterly charming. Eventually, I explained that I would love to know in detail what she did during her dates as I really did need to get down to the research part of the evening. She suggested we go up to my room for a nightcap, so we’d have more privacy and then she could tell me all of her secrets.When we got up to my room, she kicked off her shoes and curled up on the sofa. If I had my wits about me, I would have thought she was flirting. I excused myself to go to the loo and then grabbed a paper and pen so that I could interview her. When I returned, she was still sitting on the sofa but she was in her ….ummm…how can I say it? Well, she was in her very lacy undergarments. She looked at me and said ‘I think it’s far better for me to demonstrate for you than to tell you about it’. It took her a little bit of coaxing, but I complied, deciding that I might as well get into my character completely.

Well that was a night to remember. Thankfully, I did remember, as after quite a few drinks I was worried I wouldn’t. The experience not only put a little bounce in my step for a couple of weeks but it helped me to complete the book. Now I understood why my character would date escorts. Who would have thought there was such a thing? When I sent my book to my agent, she said ‘Well, well, well, you’re getting a little bit raunchy in your old age. I love it.’ If only she knew. I can’t wait to do the research for my next one.