A Room With a View

I always know when it is going to be the type of date that I love when I see where they want to meet. This afternoon I am meeting with Ali. I am super excited. He has asked to meet me for drinks at an exclusive bar, where the rich and powerful do business and enjoy fine company. Now to get ready.

I’ve been so lucky to have some very generous companions, who love nothing more than taking me shopping, so I have a wardrobe filled with tastefully sexy designer clothes and shoes. Oh my! The shoes. I am a bit of a shoe collector and I happen to have some very sweet gentlemen who very much enjoy my feet. I like my shoes to have thin, very high heels, so when I cross my legs, they emphasise the beautiful, feminine arch of my feet. I’m sure that to some people that might sound a bit weird, but I have learned that men appreciate shoes that accentuate a finely turned ankle and shapely calves.

It is not just my feet and legs that I need to think about. I happen to be blessed with a pair of bouncy, perky, and rather nicely proportioned breasts. I have nothing against plastic surgery. Lots of my friends have had it done. But my boobs are so natural and gorgeous, even I love looking at them and playing with them. I wonder if Ali would like to watch me play with them.

As a London escorts I often think about what a new date is going to enjoy. I get some hints because they usually let me know, in advance, through the agency. Sometimes they ask me to play a certain role, or they want a girlfriend experience. Sometimes they want something special and by special, I mean rimming. Do not ever tell anyone, but the feeling of the tip of a tongue, teasing my little brown hole, is the best way to get my juices flowing. Sometimes, I can’t even control myself and have to beg my date to fuck me if he starts licking my nub hole. Sometimes they oblige, but other times, they love seeing me turned on so much, they just keep going. That is another thing I have learned; my dates get off on me enjoying myself and I almost always do. I love sex and I love cumming. Who doesn’t?

As I walk into the bar, heads turn. Discreetly, but they do turn. I scan the room to see if I can identify Ali and I do straight away. Now I’m even more excited. He is what I would call a silver fox. Stylishly dressed, older, but very handsome and in good shape. He has a twinkle in his eye when he recognises me. He has seen my photos and he says he is pleasantly surprised that I am so much more beautiful in real life.

I notice the watch on his right wrist as he reaches to pull me in for a kiss on each cheek. I am no expert, but I believe it is one of the new Patek Philippe watches. He has good taste. He orders a drink for me. He seems very confident, and he travels a great deal for work. He is often travelling between Dubai and London. He asks me if I have been to Dubai, and he seems a bit surprised to hear that I have. He suggests that I might like to come see him there sometime. I can tell he likes me already.

Ali has booked the whole night with me, so there is no rush. He suggests that we go back to his room to freshen up before dinner. As we hail a black taxicab, he runs his hand down my spine onto my ass sending shivers up my spine and a warm glow in my loins. As we drive to his hotel, which is only a short distance from the bar, I gently run my fingers up his thigh and snuggle into his neck. I try not to smile as I notice him changing the way he is sitting because I can tell that his anticipation is rising.

His suite is substantial and has huge windows with a stunning panorama across London. He offers me a drink, pours one for himself and sits down on the long, sumptuous sofa in the lounge. He is a man of few words, but great charisma. He is also a man who knows what he wants and has no hesitation in asking. “We’re going out for dinner later. I don’t want you to mess up that very nice dress you are wearing. So, I think it is time you took it off. Let me have a proper look at you.” I am surprised by his musical taste as he switches on some old-time soul music, but I am not about to complain. It is great music to dance to.

After sensually removing my dress, I start to tease him as I take off my bra, allowing my breasts to tumble free. Remember I mentioned how fabulous my boobs are? Well, they really are, and Ali notices immediately. He opens the front of his trousers, pulls his cock out, and without taking his eyes off me, starts to stroke himself. He does not say a word and I realise that it is up to me to work out how to please him. After I seductively remove my G-string, I turn my back to Ali and bend over at the waist. I am still wearing my stilettos, which make my legs look bloody amazing. I look over my shoulder, make eye contact with Ali, and slowly suck on my finger. Then I reached between my legs and started to part my lips so that he can see how glistening and wet he has made me.

He stops touching himself and reaches over, sliding a finger inside me as I rhythmically finger my clit. He pulls me closer as he moves forward in his seat and then leans in, running his tongue from my clit, all the way up my pussy, ending on my tight little arsehole, where he places a light kiss. “Is that all for me?” He asks with a voice that clearly knows it is.

He reaches for me and turns me around to face him. He slides his trousers down his legs, fully exposing himself to me. “We will have time for so much more later, but for now, ride me. I want to suck your nipples while you make me cum.”

I could not have been more willing to oblige. Straddling his lap, while I enjoy the sunset over London through the full-length windows surrounding the room, I gasp as much from the feeling of being filled with his rigid organ as I do at the view. I lift my body and hold my breast to his mouth. My nipples are incredibly sensitive, so the more he sucks them, the more I start riding him harder. His hands hold my hips, and he pushes into me, seemingly growing with every thrust.

We have not even had dinner yet. I cannot wait to see how this evening rolls out. Can you?

(to be continued)