Katerina had always fancied Cassandra. From the first day of high school right through to university. She never told Cassandra she was into girls, always playing along with her and talking about the latest hot guy on campus. Cassandra had long black hair and the nicest pair of tits she had ever seen. At times she had felt herself getting moist as she watched Cassandra getting dressed, slipping a tight shirt over her DD breasts or a lacy pair of panties over her smooth shaven pussy. Many a night Katerina had fallen asleep, her hand between her legs as she fantasised about Cassandra.
“Earth to Katerina!” Cassandra joked as she interrupted Katerina’s daydream.
“Sorry, my mind wandered a bit,” Katerina said smiling as she opened another book.
“We didn’t have to study the whole night, you know. The test is only in a week…” Cassandra said as she sat upright on the blanket they had placed on the bedroom floor in Katerina’s bedroom.
Books and notes lay scattered all around. Candy wrappers and energy drinks were strewn across the floor. Katerina looked over at Cassandra: they were both dressed in short pyjama shorts and tank tops. Cassandra’s shorts had ridden up her legs revealing her white lacy underwear. Cassandra lay back against the couch and opened her legs slightly. Without thinking, Katerina lunged forward and planted her lips on Cassandra’s.
“I’m sorry,” Katerina said, embarrassed as she pulled away.
“Don’t be,” Cassandra told her as she pulled Katerina close and slipped her tongue into Katerina’s mouth.
After a few minutes of passionate kissing, Cassandra pulled away and reached for something in her bag.
“I found this in your room a few days ago…” she said smiling, holding a thin dildo in her hand.
“It does look quite small…”
Katerina went red with embarrassment.
“It’s actually for your ass…” she said softly.
“Are you serious?” Cassandra said, her face lighting up.
“Can we try it out?”
Katerina was very taken aback.
“What about Brian?” she said.
“This is just a bit of private fun between girls,” Cassandra said as she winked seductively.
She leaned forward and grabbed the bottom of Katerina’s shirt, pulling it over her head as her firm beasts bounced out. Katerina’s nipples were already rock-hard with excitement. Katerina went on all fours as Cassandra pulled her shorts off gently, exposing Katerina’s perfect tight ass. Cassandra ran her hands over Katerina’s naked body, moving her hand in between her legs as she rubbed Katerina’s wet lips softly. Katerina moaned a little and closed her eyes.
Cassandra placed the dildo in her mouth, making it wet before placing it close to Katerina’s tight ass.
“Put it in,” Katerina begged.
Cassandra didn’t hesitate as she slowly inched the anal toy into Katerina. Katerina gasped with pleasure as Cassandra started ramming her harder with the toy, slipping it in and out of her tight hole. Suddenly Katerina cried out as her whole body convulsed as she erupted in an orgasmic fit, shaking and trembling as her moisture ran down her leg. Cassandra removed the toy gently and they kissed before falling asleep naked.