Arlene becomes an Escort

Arlene hurried home from the office. Despite having worked hard to finish Uni and now being burdened with student loans, she found herself working in a poorly paid administrative position. She could only hope her talents would be noticed and she would eventually be promoted. In the meantime, she needed some extra income and, to be honest, some excitement in her life.

Arlene enjoyed male company and particularly the fun and satisfaction that a good bedroom romp provided, but she didn’t want the complications or responsibility of a proper relationship. There was plenty of time for her to do that later.

A year ago, Arlene watched a documentary about escorts and afterward just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Could she actually do that sort of work? Well, the way her body responded every time she thought about it certainly suggested that she could. Goodness, the thoughts even kept her up a few nights as she entertained herself with the fantasies.

After doing some research, she discovered Cleopatra Escorts. She loved their sleek and sexy website and decided she just had to join. The money was great and she felt safe working through such a professional operation. Arlene tingled all over when she finally made the decision to become a professional escort and couldn’t wait for her first date.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long. After photos highlighting her long legs and luscious bum appeared on the site, it wasn’t surprising that the bookings started rolling in. Of course, her first date was one that she would always remember and she’s pretty sure that her date won’t forget it any time soon either.

His name was David and he was an older European gentleman. He told Arlene that after his wife divorced him a few years ago and left him for a younger man, breaking his heart, he swore he’d never marry again. Since then, he has been taking pleasure in the company of beautiful women he’s been meeting through high class agencies like Cleopatra Escorts. David prefers the company of intelligent, beautiful young women, who enjoy good conversation, dining out and fine wines. He believes that life is about stimulating all of the senses and that time and attention should be given to each. He shared all of this with Arlene on their date and she was enthralled.

So, when it came time for a nightcap, she had no hesitation as she was attracted to David as well as fascinated by him. He knew she was on her first date and was absolutely delighted by that fact. They had a marvelous night together that felt spontaneous and natural. Let’s just say that David left Arlene with a very generous thank you as well.

Arlene has now developed her skills and abilities, which is not only appreciated by her dates, but continues to give her a thrill as well. As she prepared for her evening date and applied her lipstick, she knew she’d made the right decision and shivered slightly in anticipation of what was to come.