Better Than a Dating App

I needed a date. My boss has always just assumed that I’ve got a girlfriend. I’m not sure why. It’s not like I talk about my private life or anything. We go out for a few pints after work now and again and talk about work and once or twice he’s invited me for a round of golf, but it just seems that he believes that any normal young man like myself must have one. But I don’t. I do the dating app thing whenever I fancy going out or getting laid, but I just haven’t gotten round to getting involved with anyone. I kind of like my freedom.

My parents retired and live abroad and we’re not the sort of family to live in each other’s pockets. I call them on birthdays and holidays and every few years we get together. I don’t have any siblings, so there’s no one to nag me about getting a girlfriend. So, I suppose, I just don’t feel the need to. Unfortunately, none of that was much use when my boss dangled a promotion in front of me, but insisted I come for dinner to his house and bring ‘my girlfriend’.

The way he said it implied it was sort of a requisite to proving that I was somehow normal enough for the job. I don’t know. It felt weird, but I didn’t have the balls to own up and tell him I don’t have one. In my line of work, I would have been teased for being gay or something. I suppose I could tell him I’m gay but then he’d probably insist I brought my boyfriend. So, of course, I said I’d bring her and then I panicked about it later.

Admittedly, I was thinking of backing out, quitting my job, faking my death, getting on a plane and going to Finland…all sorts of thoughts were going through my mind. I sat at home for the whole weekend trying to decide what to do. I considered trying a dating app, but I couldn’t risk someone flaking on me or blowing my cover. Then it occurred to me. I could get an escort. I mean, that’s what they are for, isn’t it? To be a companion when you need one.

Then, of course, my mind took me to places that weren’t very constructive because everything I knew about escorts either came from movies or from news items about politicians. I really had no idea how to go about finding one, whether I could even afford it and what it involved. So, I started doing some research. I found a number of sites with women available for dates in London, but the one that really caught my eye was called Cleopatra Escorts. It gave off a professional vibe and felt like it was a normal service and not anything untoward.

I laid out my plan. I would book a young woman to meet me for drinks before we went to my bosses. If it wasn’t going to work out, I could always make an excuse later. Not ideal, but it had to do. I can’t say it wasn’t fun going through all the profiles of the girls and imagining how my boss and his wife would react to each one of them. In the end, I decided on a pretty girl in her 20’s, who had photos of her dressed up nicely on her profile. She looked like she would pass and she was recommended. I wasn’t really interested in her special ‘talents’, though I can’t say I didn’t look, just out of curiosity, of course.

Turned out, I chose well. She was prettier in real life than she was in her photos and for a second I worried that my boss and his wife wouldn’t believe I could have such a pretty girlfriend. But hey, they already had enough of an imagination to think I had one in the first place. I’d put in my special request for how I wanted her to dress and explained a bit when I booked her through the website. I was pretty impressed with how poised she was and how tastefully dressed. We had a few drinks, I asked her to just keep the conversation away from our imaginary private life and we’d be good.

She performed spectacularly and, quite honestly, she’d make someone a fantastic girlfriend. I can’t blame her for being an escort though. She doesn’t have to cook, clean or put up with a fellow full time but gets all of the other benefits. Good on her. My boss and his wife loved her and promised to invite us over again. I’m not too worried as this is the first time in five years that they’ve ever had me over and by the next time, I’ll just tell them I have a new girlfriend. I got the promotion, which was the important thing. I also got the perks of a full girlfriend experience afterward and it was a great way to celebrate. So, all round, I’m so glad I did it and I don’t even think I’ll bother with dating apps anymore. This whole escorts thing is a lot less hassle and a lot more fun.