Erotic Story – Mariana

“Now suck my cock…” I told her.
Mariana swept her long black hair from her face, went down onto her knees and positioned her red lips around my erect dick. I could feel her large tits press against my legs as she started sucking the tip of my penis. She was the hottest London escort I had ever booked.
“More…” I said as I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her head forward as my entire shaft slipped into her mouth.
I started down at her, watching her head move back and forth as the length of my cock slipped in and out of her petite mouth. I felt her erect nipples against my legs.
“Get on the bed on your hands and feet,” I asked her.
Mariana stood up without a word and climbed on the bed, her ass facing me. She had the tightest ass I’d ever seen. No London escort I’ve been with had ever come close. I walked over and slapped it hard. She winced as my handprint made an appearance on her soft cheeks.
I slipped my hand between her legs and felt her throbbing lips. I could feel the moisture seeping out and I slipped my finger into her wet folds. She moaned and lowered the front of her body onto the bed, propping her ass up in the air. I rubbed harder, feeling her clitoris grow more erect as I stimulated it.
“I’m going to shove my cock into your tight little pussy now,” I said as I positioned myself behind her and placed my dick by her wet pussy.
I grabbed her hips and shoved myself into her. Mariana let out a loud cry as I filled her tight hole with my large cock. I pulled my dick out and shoved it back in. Mariana gasped again, breathing heavily. I could feel her lips contracting around my cock with pleasure. I started ramming myself into her, slowly at first and then speeding up. Within minutes Mariana was panting as I continued pounding her hard from behind while her large breasts swung forward and back.
“I’m going to cum inside you,” I uttered.
I grabbed her hips hard and shoved myself into her as deep as I could before erupting inside of her, filling her pussy with my hot cum. The sensation must have set her off as she cried out loudly and convulsed into an orgasmic fit, shaking and writhing at the same time.
A few minutes later she was still trembling from the orgasm as I removed my cock from her pussy. I watched the semen run out of her as she turned around to face me.
“Now let me clean your cock,” the escort said seductively.
Still out of breath, Mariana leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my wet cock, sucking hard.
“Shower time,” I told her as I followed her in the shower to continue what we started…