As we strolled through the park, I held his hand and we chatted about our lives. We watched the ducks and the families feeding them, accompanied by yappie Jack Russell terriers and nannies. We could see our breath in the bracing winter air. I snuggled against him for warmth. We had been getting to know each other and I could tell that he was relaxed around me and was particularly enjoying my company this cold afternoon. This is what I wanted. I wanted him happy. He was a lovely guy and he deserved a special day out with me.

We stopped at a little café close to the park. He grinned as I asked for whipped cream on my hot chocolate. He had a coffee. We both giggled when I got some of the whipped cream on my nose. It’s the little things that can make a couple connect. I could sense him feeling a bit shy, so I reached for his hand and gave him a reassuring wink. He responded by blushing, which I must admit is rather cute.

We wandered past boutiques and fancy shops. Suddenly inspired, he dragged me into one and asked me to try on some outfits. ‘Why not?’ I thought, ‘I want him to have a great time and if he wants me to model clothes, his wish is my command…it’s not like he’s asking me to do something really weird’. The sales assistant was happy to oblige and she brought me a variety of outfits to try on. I could hear him making encouraging noises and suggestions.

I felt particularly beautiful in a glittery dress, inspired by the 1930’s flapper style. Lots of fringe and tassle and very flirty. He could see my delight and then he told the sales assistant to wrap it up and he’d be purchasing it for me. I squealed and threw my arms around his neck, kissing him square on the lips and making him blush again. I’m not sure what the assistant made of us, me almost two feet taller than him, in my heels and he almost four decades older than me, but I’m sure she was pleased with her commission. That was a very pricey little dress he bought for me. I don’t have to tell him how grateful I am though. He knows.

Arm in arm we meandered through town, looking at all the Christmas decorations, talking about the holidays and feeling the thrill of the hustle and bustle of all the excited people doing their last minute shopping. Finally, we stepped into the restaurant and one of the staff graciously took our coats and his hat. We were shown to our table and he ordered a bottle of expensive bubbly straight away. He asked me to tell him stories about my childhood in Estonia. He always enjoyed hearing about the country I was born in and how I grew up. I have no idea why he was so enchanted by them, but he would listen to them intently and ask questions about my family. He wasn’t so open about his own life, which I sort of understand.

We ate our meal and headed up to the room that he had booked especially for tonight. I happen to love this hotel. It’s one of the most beautiful in London and it is just the perfect balance of opulent and tasteful. I am hoping to be an interior designer, once I finish college, so these things are important to me. My good taste is something he says he admires about me.

When we got to the room he suggested we take a Jacuzzi bath, which is something I know he loves doing and especially after walking in the cold all day, he’ll be feeling a bit stiff and sore. He loves watching me undress, so I make sure to do that for him extra slowly..making him blush again of course as I stand, completely naked in front of him in only my high heels. He invites me to sit on his lap temporarily and uses the opportunity to explore my body with his eyes and hands. It becomes rather obvious that we had better get into the tub now or it would be too late, so I playfully jump out of his lap, grab both his hands, pulling him out of his seat and guiding him to the alluring warm bubbly water.

He decides he’s not going to wait until after the bath, so I do everything he’s told me he loves and even a couple of things I know he loves but he’s too embarrassed to ask for. We step out of the tub, and it makes me happy to know that he’s utterly satisfied. I also know that he’ll enjoy a good snuggle in bed, skin against skin. I wonder if he has the energy (or the blue pills) to allow me to indulge him one more time before he falls asleep. Turns out that he has both and once again, he realises how appreciative I am of him and all his attention.

I’m not Cinderella, but I do have to get back to my apartment before it gets too late. He hugs me close and tells me to have a look in the drawer in the bedside table. Inside is an envelope with my name on it. I smile at him and open it. A beautiful Christmas card is enclosed and inside the Christmas card is a very generous Christmas gift. He says that he’ll see me in a few weeks for our regular arrangement of a true Girlfriend Experience. I kiss him and head out of the door. It’s gentlemen like this that make working for Cleopatra Escorts so worthwhile.