Just a Normal Fellow

It started at 6am with a call from work. I woke up swearing my head off and it hasn’t stopped all day. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, but I have deadlines. I have demanding clients. I have a boss from hell. Sometimes I wonder why I keep doing it and then, I look at my bank statement and I have a moment of clarity. Ever since I was in sixth form, my plan was to be retired by the time I was forty. I’m now five years from that goal and the struggle is real.

With all the financial uncertainty right now, everyone is nervous and stressed and they make sure I know it. I still feel pretty safe about my future plans, but I was smart and I was careful. I’ve also been totally goal focused. OK. I made a mistake back when I was just out of Uni and married a very beautiful young lady, but the writing was on the wall from the start. We divorced after a couple of years. Thank god we finished it then as I hadn’t accrued much and so she wasn’t able to walk away with much. Actually, we’re still in touch and she sends me Christmas cards with photos of her, her trust fund husband and their two sprogs every year.

Now I stay away from serious distractions. Once I’ve retired, I’ll have plenty of time for a more leisurely approach to socialising. I’d love to have a family actually, but there’s no time for that now. At this stage in my life I’m self-aware enough to know that I’d be the most horrid father and husband. My father didn’t have much, though he did work hard, but he was a good role model and I want to do him proud when I finally give him and Mum grandkids. For now, I send them on a lovely holiday to Spain once a year and that seems to help them have the patience to wait.

The thing is that I may be focused, but I’m a normal bloke and I like a little bit of attention from time to time. I have no friends really. I mean, I go out to watch rugby with some guys from work every so often, but we’re all of the mind that it’s best to keep your rivals close. They are as hungry for profit as I am and it’s a competitive world we work in. Anyway, I like women and I enjoy female company. It’s nice, every so often, to have someone seem interested in me and what I have to say.

So, at lunchtime, I arranged a date through Cleopatra Escorts for this evening. I love them. They are professional, discreet and the girls are world class. Sometimes, I’m shocked by the women I meet through the service. Some of them are very similar to me. They have life goals and they are using the skills they have to get what they want. Quite a few speak multiple languages, are very well educated and travelled. So, they are perfect companions for me and they help to take my mind off of things for just long enough to relax a bit.

We’ll meet up for a nice dinner at one of my favourite five star restaurants. The women I date through Cleopatra Escorts always are dressed impeccably, understand the need for great manners and anyone watching us would assume it was what they might consider a ‘normal’ date. Then again, what’s a normal date? In fact, compared to some of my colleagues, who are in the dating game and use apps like Tindr, my social life seems far more normal. The amount of drama they have to deal with keeps them off their game. All the better for me really.

I’m not a freak or anything. I’m just a regular guy who likes to do normal things that guys like to do on dates. After dinner, we’ll go for a drink at an upmarket hotel. I prefer taking my dates to hotels. It makes everything so easy and simple and the hotels I pick always seem to have much better beds than I do in my apartment. That reminds, me, I really must buy a better bed.

As it’s a Friday night, I’m going to enjoy my date for a full night. I don’t spend much on myself – hence the rubbish bed – so it’s nice to splash out now and again. I also must admit that I like cuddles and intimacy. It’s nice to be close to a warm body now and again and to not wake up alone. I think it keeps me more human.

So, even though it’s been a truly irritating day, I have something to look forward to tonight. Lucky we have a gym and shower facilities in the office. I make sure to keep a nice dress suit here and some other bits and pieces to freshen me up. I believe that every lady deserves her date to be well groomed and as I’m not a bad looking fellow, it’s nice to see them smile when they realise that I’m just decent guy, who prefers to enjoy his social life a little bit differently to others. Today is looking much better indeed.