Learning the Language

Becoming an escort is like learning your entire skill set once again. It takes time, dedication and passion to hone the right look, the right laugh, the right tone for any conversation. It’s not about acting. It’s about communicating. It’s about reading another person’s face and body and responding to what they need the most. They give me signals, I return them. It’s the most delightful of games with the most enjoyable of endings.

First you learn what styles suit you. It takes a far longer period of staring into the mirror than most people are comfortable with. It takes bold decisions and blatant mishaps which are best made in the privacy of your own apartment. What colours accentuate your eyes? What shapes flatter your figure? It’s ideal to be adaptable but a high class woman should always have a signature look. Your photographs should match the woman who will be showing up at bookings.

Then you learn ‘the look’. Or perhaps I should say you learn many looks. That may be accurate, but there is one look in particular that every woman needs in my line of work. It’s half a smile, all invitation, with just the hint of a dare. It’s the look that should say ‘I can make anything happen’ while asking the question ‘what do you want to happen?’. A true professional can communicate all of this without a word. The instant you see her photograph you can read those invitations, those questions, on her face. She is irresistible and it is all in her eyes.

You must learn stances of course. You learn how to sit so as to elongate your neck and your arms and your legs. You learn to be impossibly graceful or graciously inviting. Sometimes you learn to be intimidating. Every person in my line of work brings their own personality to the party. That’s the exciting part about all of this. But your personality isn’t just in words and grand gestures. It should ooze from every inch of your being. The right stance can say everything. The seated come hither. The standing challenge to a playful companion. The way you sprawl across the bed so as to accentuate the inviting place beside you. Your signals will set the mood.

You practice ways of speaking. You try to broaden your horizons. This comes naturally after a while. After all, you meet so many fascinating people how could you not be inspired to learn new things? You learn to be soft when it’s needed and firm where it’s appropriate. You’re filled to the brim with empathy, curiosity and a genuine capacity to connect with the people you meet.

You learn what clients want. You set your boundaries but then you learn. You find out how far you’re willing to go. You find out what you’re good enough at to brag about. You discover new ways of doing the same old things that you’ve been doing for a long time. You slowly become an expert in erotic delights beyond the wildest imagination.

At least, the best of us do.