Everyone who has played Monopoly knows how valuable Bond Street is. Bond Street is one of the most recognisable addresses in London and yet it doesn’t actually exist. Originally part of Sir Thomas Bond’s plans to build a road and develop the area, Bond Street was first laid in the late 1600s with the original portion becoming Old Bond Street. In just a few decades it connected with Oxford Street, with the second portion being called New Bond Street. There were plans to rename the entire street Bond Street, but that never happened. Nevertheless, most people refer to it as such.

Where in the world is Bond Street?

Bond Street connects Oxford Street and Piccadilly right in the heart of London. It is made up of two parts, Old and New Bond Streets. Old Bond Street is at the southern end and New Bond Street towards the north and is now partially pedestrianised. Due to its proximity to some of the most affluent parts of London, it was, historically, the fashionable place to be seen. To this day, Bond Street (Old and New) maintains its reputation for style and luxury and is a mecca for those seeking designer labels, expensive jewellery, art and antiques. Being a destination for those with impeccable taste, our escorts in Bond Street are always charming and chic.

I’d love some company in Bond Street.

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What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

Because Bond Street is right in the heart of the West End of London and is dedicated to shopping, it is close to some of the most famous hotels in London including The Ritz, the Mayfair and Hotel Café Royal. These historic hotels are the height of grandeur and indulgence with fine dining, butler service, and multi room suites overlooking some of the most beautiful parks in London. If you’re planning a day of shopping in Bond Street, you’ll want to spoil yourself at the end of the day.

You can arrange a date with one of our exquisite escorts to accompany you to a show and a sumptuous dinner. If you enjoy a game of cards or roulette, you may want to consider your date a lucky charm and try your hand at the opulent Ritz Club Casino. After your night of fun return to your room, where you can enjoy the companionship to its ultimate and most pleasing conclusion.

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Bond Street Station

As confusing as it is to have a well known street, such as Bond Street, not actually be called Bond Street, it may be even more so that Bond Street Tube Station is not on Bond Street itself, but a block up on Oxford Street, close to New Bond Street. Green Park Tube Station is on the southern end of Old Bond Street on Piccadilly Circus.

There is no doubt that the central location and fascinating history of Bond Street, not to mention, it’s association with James Bond, who is a fictional descendent of Sir Thomas Bond’s, make it a destination sought out by seekers of luxury items from around the world. As you stroll along New and Old Bond Streets, lined with high end boutiques, expensive jewellery shops with windows sparkling and glittering with diamonds and fascinating antique shops, you will see a very international and very wealthy crowd of people.

We understand the needs of solo travellers, spending their money in Bond Street and those who reside in the stately homes locally. That is why we are able to provide a world class escort service in the area. Whether you already live in Bond Street and are looking for companionship or you are visiting, you can rest assured that our services are discreet, highly professional and that we are always available to help you arrange a tailor made experience.