Charing Cross is the area around a junction where a medieval cross, Eleanor Cross, once stood. Eleanor Cross was built as a memorial by King Edward the first to his wife, Eleanor of Castile. The original cross was destroyed by an act of Parliament in 1647 at the time of the English Civil War, but has since been replaced by a replica that stands close to the location of the original.

Due to the fact that six major thoroughfares in London met at the junction in Charing Cross, it was once considered the official central point of London. Charing Cross sits on a bend in the Thames and derived its name from the old English word ‘cierring’, which meant ‘bend’ or ‘curve’.

Where in the world is Charing Cross?

North of the Thames and in the heart of London, Charing Cross is based in the City of Westminster, it is just south of Trafalgar Square. It sits just north of Westminster and is home to the world famous Big Ben. Six highly important and historic routes through London converge in Charing Cross including Charing Cross Road, Whitehall, The Mall leading to Buckingham Palace, The Strand, Northumberland Avenue as well as two small roads leading to Pall Mall.

Charing Cross is also a major commuter hub for London, with excellent rail services to the countryside. A busy area, hugely popular with tourists, Charing Cross is the perfect location for anyone who has an interest in historical London, museums and galleries. If you are in Charing Cross, you are in the heart of London. Our escorts are international, educated, multi lingual and understand the needs of travellers to relax and be pampered.

I’d love some company in Charing Cross.

Being such a central area and a hub for visitors to London from all over the world, we realise that our clientele expects smart, beautiful and multi lingual companionship. We are proud of the quality of escorts we provide, who are able to provide simulating, enjoyable and pleasurable company.

What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

Because Charing Cross attracts a wide range of distinguished international visitors, it has a number of luxury 5 star and stylish boutique hotels to suit the tastes of any visitor. The Trafalgar St. James is a perfect example. Based in a historic building, it is contemporary and discreet. Conveniently located across from The National Gallery and is walking distance from the railway station. If you want to enjoy private drinks with your date, it has a spectacular rooftop terrace. If you’d like even more privacy, their suites offer unrivalled views of some of the most iconic landmarks in London.

Charing Cross has incredibly diverse and excellent options for dining. If you would like to dine on the bank of the Thames, you might like to try R.S. Hispanola, a restaurant ship, moored directly across from the London Eye. Stunning river views of the Houses of Parliament, combined with fine wines and artfully prepared European food make this restaurant a must try for anyone wishing to experience London at its best.

With so many theatres, clubs and wine bars in Charing Cross, you won’t have any problem finding entertainment and fun in the local area. We would encourage you to share your experience with a stunning woman on your arm to make the best out of the real London experience, ending with ultimate indulgence and relaxation.

If you would just like some intimate time alone with your date, you may find it more affordable, especially if you don’t want to feel rushed, to visit one of our conveniently located, comfortable and easy to find apartments for an incall.

Charing Cross Station

Charing Cross Station is one of the major central London hubs for both overland and underground services. It is located at the end of The Strand. Because of Charing Cross’s central location, it is serviced by a number of tube stations. Other stations that service the Charing Cross area are Covent Garden Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Embankment, which is right on the river. Because of this network of transportation services in Charing Cross it is very easy to get to from anywhere in London and has direct rail links to Gatwick Airport.

Charing Cross, the historic centre of London, is a location that draws people from all over the country and all over the world. Whether you live in Charing Cross and are looking for companionship or you are visiting, you can rest assured that our services are discreet, highly professional and that we are always available to help you arrange a tailor made experience.