Covent Garden, famous for its historic market, sits on the eastern edge of the West End of London. Part of Covent Garden was, in the 13th Century, walled off by Westminster Abbey and used for orchards and food production. At that time it was known as the Garden of the Abbey and Convent and this is where its name originates.

Eventually Henry VIII seized the gardens, granting them to the Earls of Bedford in 1552. The 4th Earl proceeded to commence the building of the sort of properties that would attract wealth tenants. This resulted in the completion of the arcaded square, it is so well known for and St. Paul’s Church. By the mid 17th century a small fruit and vegetable market opened there and it became a very fashionable locale. It all changed though and by the 18th century, it became known as a red light district, buzzing with taverns, theatre houses, coffee houses and brothels. Through an act of parliament in the 19th century, the area was smartened up the famous covered market was developed. Ultimately, the Bedfords sold off the area, eventually ending up belonging to the government run Covent Garden Authority.

Where in the world is Covent Garden?

Covent Garden lies between Charing Cross Road and Drury Lane. The area’s original boundaries were defined by the Bedford Estate. Since then, the area known as Covent Garden has grown northward to High Holborn. Long Acre is the main road through Covent Garden. To the south of Covent Garden is The Strand and Charing Cross Road defines its western border.

While there is a thriving residential community in Covent Garden, it is very much a tourist destination, being home to Covent Garden Market, which is bursting with lovely craft shops, pubs and restaurants. But the Covent area is so much more than its namesake. The Royal Opera House, Theatre Royal and the London Transport Museum all call Covent Garden Home. In addition, two very important historical buildings, St. Paul’s Church and Freemason’s Hall are both to be found in Covent Garden.

As most of the residential property in Covent Garden is above retail premises, it is a place where many have a second home that they use when visiting London from other parts of the UK or Europe, especially Italy. Real estate in Covent Garden is very expensive. Many have properties for their children, who are attending college or university in London. Covent Garden is such a beautiful, historic part of London with a European flair, we make sure to provide an escort service that can match the tastes and desires of those who visit and work there.

I’d love some company in Covent Garden.

Covent Garden is a place that businessmen spend time while working in the city and often they wish for stylish and attractive companions to attend social and business events. They value discretion, women who know how to present themselves and converse well. We pride ourselves on providing beautiful, well-spoken escorts who know how to compliment a gentleman in public and pleasure him in private.

What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

Covent Garden has so much to offer people who visit or who are staying there long term. There really is no place in the area that can compare with the 5 star Covent Garden Hotel. Sited in the heart of the theatre district, it’s glamorous and discreet. It has its own, in house cinema, or, if you want something a little more refined, you can enjoy their honour bar in their drawing room or library.

If you want to rub shoulders with London’s elite crowd, head over to The Ivy for dinner. Known throughout the world for its uniquely British dining experience, you may recognise some famous faces while you dine. For fun, you have so many choices for entertainment, whether the fantastic and often dazzling street performers to be found in the Piazza or you may fancy something more opulent at one of the two opera houses in the area. There are at least a half a dozen excellent theatres in Covent Garden, where you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the best performances in the world.

Of course, you may not be able to imagine yourself partaking in these enjoyable activities alone. Given Covent Garden’s history as a notable historic red light district, which had its own guidebook called Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies, we feel obligated to keep up the traditions by providing the most entertaining and charming female companions for an evening on the town.

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Covent Garden Station

Covent Garden Tube Station was built in 1899. It is oddly only 260 metres from Leicester Square Tube Station with a traveling time between the two only 20 seconds. Interestingly this close proximity makes traveling between the two stations, more expensive per kilometre than the Orient Express. During very busy times, this makes Leicester Square a convenient place to disembark for those visiting Covent Garden. Covent Garden Tube Station itself is a Grade II listed building on the corner of Long Acre and James Street. It is also thought to be haunted by 19th century Shakespearean Actor, William Terriss.

Covent Garden, a destination for lovers of theatre and opera, attracts visitors who are cultured and well-travelled. Whether you live in Covent Garden and are looking for companionship or you are visiting, you can rest assured that our services are discreet, highly professional and that we are always available to help you arrange a tailor made experience.