This curiously named area Elephant and Castle acquired its moniker from a local pub of the same name. There are numerous fables and stories about where the pub’s name originated, the most credible being that the site of the pub was home to The Worshipful Company of Cutlers, which is a royally chartered guild for the trade of knife making. Their coat of arms, features an elephant with a castle on its back. The elephant is believed to represent the ivory that was once used to make knife handles.

The area, officially known as Newington, was part of the manor of Walworth, belonging to the Archbishop of Canterbury. It started to be referred to as Elephant and Castle in the mid-19th century. A major roundabout junction, it has gone through major changes over the years. Being a primary route to the southeast coast of England, it had a thriving working and middle class population during the early 20th century. It was considered the ‘Piccadilly Circus’ of south London with a large department store and a cinema that seated over 3000 people called the Trocadero.

Unfortunately Elephant and Castle was heavily bombed during World War II and post war regeneration did little to return it to its previous vitality. There is now a great deal of investment in the area and it is being gentrified and parts have become conservation areas, where architecturally important buildings are being restored.

Where in the world is Elephant and Castle?

Elephant and Castle is the huge and very important roundabout in central London where the A2 and A3 coming from the south of England, converge to meet roads taking them across the Thames and into the City of London. The junction at Elephant and castle, gives access to London, north of the river, from east to west, over London Bridge, Southwark Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Westminster Bridge and Lambeth Bridge.

Elephant and Castle is in the borough of Southwark and is home to Southbank University. There is a vibrant Columbian culture in Elephant and Castle and there are plans to develop new homes and shops, creating a Latin American corridor in the area. Since Strata, otherwise known as ‘The Razor’, was completed in 2010, winning numerous awards, a new wave of wealthy residents have made Elephant and Castle home. Due to the massive redevelopment in the area and its proximity to the financial centre, Elephant and Castle is becoming an exciting place for young entrepreneurs to set up shop.

Elephant and Castle is a rapidly changing area and with the new advent of business and modern residential opportunities, an escort company with a forward thinking approach, focusing on providing intelligent, educated and beautiful companions, is a perfect service to residents and visitors enjoying the area.

I’d love some company in Elephant & Castle.

Elephant and Castle is developing and growing quickly. New residents and established locals recognise how convenient it is for work in the City and access to the West End, while students make the most of the nightlife and art spaces. That’s why our escorts in Elephant and Castle are well spoken, charming and great company as well as being talented and committed to their professional services.

What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

Elephant and Castle isn’t really a tourist area, but it is a location where many businessmen stay in luxury apartments for convenient access to The City. Even so, there are some excellent hotel options in Elephant and Castle. One of the best being Hotel H10 Waterloo. Reflecting the modern revitalisation of the area, Hotel H10 Waterloo is contemporary with elegant and stylish interior design. It has a rooftop restaurant with fantastic views across London, which is a perfect place to spend some time with a companion.

While in the area, you may feel obliged to visit the iconic Elephant and Castle Pub, but you’ll also be surprised and delighted by the excellent restaurants and bars locally. If you’re a foodie, you won’t want to miss out on Mercato Metropolitano, which is a huge indoor street market. Here you can find everything from craft beers to Argentine steaks. French cuisine is particularly popular in Elephant and Castle so if you like a bit of ‘ooh’ with your ‘la la’, check out the tiny but perfect Frenchie Restaurant.

If you’re spending time in Elephant and Castle as a visitor doing business or studying, you might just wish to have some company to join you while you explore and enjoy some of the delights of the area. You really won’t want to miss out on one of the most famous nightclubs in the world, Ministry of Sound. A perfect destination to get a date started off right. Your escort will be thrilled to get down and dirty with you on the dance floor before heading back to your place to continue the fun.

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Elephant and Castle Station

Elephant and Castle Tube Station was built in 1890, providing access to the City and was part of the first deep level tube. It is the southern end of the Bakerloo Line. The Elephant and Castle Station is made up of two buildings that were built at different times to operate both the Bakerloo Line and the Northern Line. The buildings are separated by a major traffic intersection. Neither building has escalators, so accessing the station must either be by spiral stairs or lifts.

Elephant and Castle is an old area of London currently having a new life breathed into it. With a wonderful nightlife, popular university, Latin American culture, great restaurants and as a hub between the City of London and the south of England, it is attractive to those who are both clever and ambitious. Whether you live in Elephant and Castle and are looking for companionship or you are visiting, you can rest assured that our services are discreet, highly professional and that we are always available to help you arrange a tailor made experience.