Once one of largest Georgian squares in central London, Euston Square no longer exists as a grand residential garden square. It is now bisected by roads and covered by large buildings. Once a nursery square called Montgomery’s Nursery Gardens, in the early 19th century it was transformed into a sumptuous square, lined by Grecian style buildings by the Duke of Grafton. His country seat was Euston Hall and this is how Euston Square acquired its name. The railway station, Euston Arch and St Pancreas New Church all reflected this style of architecture. Now, all that remains of this once spectacular site is the tube station and some old decorative lampposts.

Where in the world is Euston Square?

What was once Euston Square is bisected by London’s inner ring road, the A501. To the north is Euston Station. The southern part of the square is bordered by Endsleigh Gardens. The southwest of the square was Gower Street, which is now home to Euston Square Tube Station.

The Euston Square area, as well as being a national and international rail hub connecting London with Amsterdam, Brussells and Paris, is now home to the HS2 link, which is the high speed rail service which will connect London with Manchester, Leeds and the East Midlands. It also has a direct tube connection to Heathrow and a direct rail link to Gatwick. This makes it one of the most important commuter destinations in London, bringing tourists and business people in from around the world.

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Euston Square is home to some incredible London history. Much of it is now hidden under modern construction, but you can enjoy some of its once historical grandeur at the elegant Hilton London Euston, right on what was once the square. With comfortable, spacious suites in this beautiful Victorian building, you have access to its flagship conservatory restaurant, Woburn Place Dining Room.

The area offers so many other exclusive and excellent restaurants as well as interesting and unique pubs. One of those, the Euston Tap, located in one of the original Grecian arches that formed the entrance to Euston Square, even uses part of the old, little known, tunnels that used to connect the northern and southern parts of the square as a beer cellar.

Because Euston Square is so central, it is truly accessible to all of the entertainment opportunities available in the West End. But locally, there are some fascinating places to discover including the Wellcome Collection Museum and Library and The Centre for Magic Arts. You can catch a show at the Bloomsbury Theatre and Studio. Whatever you choose to do in the Euston Square area, there is no reason for you to have to do it alone. We invite you to enjoy the company of one of our beautiful and pleasing escorts to make sure your visit is truly remarkable and memorable.

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Euston Square Station

Euston Square Tube Station was originally Gower Street Station, opened in 1863 and was the part of the first underground railway in the world. Euston Station itself is more prominently and historically part of the original Euston Square. Gower Street Tube Station was renamed as Euston Square in 1909. Also close to Warren Street and Kings Cross St. Pancras, Euston Square is incredibly easy to get to.

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