Fulham is a rather well-to-do area of south west London. Considered one of the most desirable locations in London, property locally is very expensive. Its best known landmark is Fulham Palace, which had been home to Bishops since the 11th century. Although it is still owned by the Church of England, it now houses a museum and beautiful botanical gardens, which are open to the public.

There are a couple of theories about how Fulham got its name. One is that in its original form, Fulanhamme, it was either the place of mud or fowls, given that it lies on a flood plain by the River Thames. Alternatively, it could have belonged to an Anglo Saxon Chief by the name of Fulla. Either way, the land was ultimately given to a Bishop Erkenwald in the 1st century, which is how it became a place for Bishops to live for many centuries.

Where in the world is Fulham?

Fulham lies between Hammersmith, Chelsea and Kensington on the northern bank of the Thames. It is a few miles from central London and is part of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Nestling in a bend in the river, there are two bridges that cross the Thames from Fulham. The Wandsworth Bridge, taking you into Wandsworth and the Putney Bridge, heading into Putney.

Fulham is famous for hosting two well-known football clubs, Fulham FC and Chelsea FC, both of which have stadiums locally. It has a number of parks, which make the area particularly attractive, with a particularly lovely riverside walk. Much of Fulham is a conservation area and the tree lined streets have predominantly Victorian terraces. As Fulham is quite a cosmopolitan area and attracts a diverse crowd due to the wealth of sporting, dining, shopping and theatrical options in the area, we realise that many visitors and locals, alike, enjoy being able to easily arrange to have attractive, delightful and charming female companions.

I’d love some company in Fulham.

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What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

Visitors to Fulham enjoy the beautiful setting of an urban, yet leafy area right on the river, so there is no better place to stay locally than the Chelsea Harbour Hotel. With gorgeous views overlooking the marina and river, it is accessible by helicopter, boat or by the more traditional road or rail. It provides al fresco riverside dining and glamorous andcongenialmodern suites with private balconies overlooking the Thames.

Eating and drinking out and about in Fulham is a popular pastime so you won’t be disappointed with the choice of dining options available. There are a number of excellent, gourmet style gastropubs if you want something more casual, but for world class dining, you will want to try Manuka Kitchen. People travel from far and wide to eat at this innovative restaurant, which is beloved by locals and food critics alike.

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Fulham Broadway Station

Fulham is incredibly well served by both tube stations and over ground rail. Parson’s Green Tube Station stops right in the heart of Fulham, making it a very convenient stop. Towards the north east of Fulham is Fulham Broadway Tube Station and towards the south west, close to the river, is Putney Bridge. Imperial Wharf train station stops right next to Chelsea Harbour, which is a luxury riverside development.

The prosperous, relaxed and pleasant locale of Fulham provides visitors and residents with the best of both worlds.With easy access tocentral London, but in a more luxurious, tranquil and green setting, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the best the city has to offer. Whether you already live in Fulham and are looking for companionship or you are visiting, you can rest assured that our services are discreet, highly professional and that we are always available to help you arrange a tailor made experience.