Holland Park is a park and neighbourhood sitting right on the western edge of central London. It has always been a community for the middle and upper middle classes from its inception. In the early 17th century, the chancellor of the exchequer, Sir Walter Cope, built the original buildings at Holland Park. His son, John Rich, the Earl of Holland, expanded the property, which became known as Holland House, turning it in a lavish estate. He was eventually executed as a traitor during the English Civil War.

The property fell into the hands of Paymaster General, Henry Fox, in the 18th Century, who gained the title Baron Holland though he was no blood relation of John Rich. He was also a man of a somewhat poor reputation, who, when he died, left the estate to his descendants who were notoriously extravagant and eventually, due to bankruptcy, were forced to lease the land for development. The street now known as Holland Park was built in the mid-19th century and became the home to many wealthy families.

Holland House itself was destroyed during the Blitz in 1940 and the grounds and ruins were bought by the London County Council in 1952. The ruin itself is a listed building and is used as the backdrop for the Holland Park Theatre. The land is a public park and features an orangery, cricket pitch, Japanese gardens, wildlife walks and even an area where, even now, cows graze to maintain the remaining meadows.

Where in the world is Holland Park?

Holland Park is in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Although there are not any official boundaries, it can be defined as the area sitting north of Kensington High Street, south of Holland Park Avenue and between Holland Road on the west side and Kensington Church street to the east. It is just south of Notting Hill.

A beautiful and peaceful area, it streets are lined with large Victorian houses and the neighbourhood is known for its luxury spas, boutiques and fine dining. The neighbourhood is home to many embassies and the Design Museum. The area was once home to a group of famous artists from the 19th Century known as the Holland Park Circle. One of their homes, owned by Fredric Leighton, is now the Leighton House Museum, where many of his original paintings are on display as well as works by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was a group of English artists and critics, who considered themselves an art reform movement.

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Holland Park Station

Holland Park Tube Station was built in 1900 and refurbished in 1990. It is named, of course, for the park and area and is located just to the north of the park. Of course, it’s not the only tube station that serves the locality with Notting Hill Tube Station further north east and Shepherd’s Bush Tube Station on the north west of the Holland Park neighbourhood, all making local transportation extremely easy.

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