Hyde Park is the largest of all Royal Parks in central London. Its name originates from Medieval times, when it was the Manor of Hyde, which is believed to be Saxon, meaning a unit of land. Throughout the Middle Ages, it belonged to the Abbey of Westminster, but in the 16th century it was acquired by King Henry VIII, stocked with deer and turned into a game park.

Eventually, in the 17th century, King Charles I opened Hyde Park to the public and it was a popular gathering place until the English Civil War, when it was fortified and then, following the war, sold to raise funds. Charles II managed to reclaim Hyde Park following the restoration of the monarchy and built a large wall around it. Throughout the 18th century it became a popular site for duels and executions. King George I and following his death, his daughter in law, Queen Caroline oversaw the landscaping of Hyde Park and the creation of the Serpentine, which was made by damming the River Westbourne.

Through the 19th century, Hyde Park became a focal point for free speech and protests and subsequently Speakers Corner came to be. While it is a myth that speakers are protected by ‘free speech’, they have no further protection than speakers anywhere else. The site is simply traditionally recognised as a location for speakers to share their views and the police only intervene if they receive a complaint.

Hyde Park is also a location for many concerts and major events in London. It’s Lido attracts swarms of locals and tourists to sunbathe and swim in the summer months and throughout the park, you’ll encounter dog walkers, horse riders, families picnicking, skaters, cyclists and just about every variety of Londoner enjoying the outside space.

Where in the world is Hyde Park?

Hyde Park is bordered to the east by Park Lane and to the west it joins Kensington Gardens. The southeast corner is where Hyde Park Corner is located, which runs through to Green Park, St. James’s Park and then into Buckingham Palace Gardens. Hyde Park is in the City of Westminster with Bayswater Road running along its north boundary and Knightsbridge to its south.
Hyde Park is surrounded by major traffic routes, yet many of the streets in the area are peaceful and beautiful. 19th century townhouses situated around private gardens are intermingled with newer property developments. Given the central location of the Hyde Park area and its proximity to both the west end, Kensington and the many amenities provided in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, such as boating, tennis and even archery, property in the area is highly desirable and very expensive. They Hyde Park area is very cosmopolitan and people from all corners of the globe can be found enjoying the neighbourhood as residents and tourists.

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Hyde Park Corner Station

Hyde Park is served by a number of convenient tube station, but the one most closely connected to the Royal Park is Hyde Park Corner Tube Station. The original station was opened in 1906 but was closed in 1932 when updates such as escalators became necessary. The old station was used as a pizza restaurant for many decades but is now the Wellesley Hotel. The new station is now fully underground with no buildings above ground associated with it.

There are four other stations with entrances around the edges of Hyde Park. Queensway is at the northwestern corner of the park. Lancaster Gate is to the north but central. Marble Arch is at the far north eastern corner. More central to the south is Knightsbridge. All of these stations make accessing Hyde Park easy and convenient.