King’s Cross has a long and rather mixed history, leading up to today, when it is now considered London’s gateway to Europe. The name King’s Cross comes from a monument that was erected in honour of King George IV at the ‘king’s crossroads’ in 1830. It turned out to be a highly unpopular monument and only stood for only 15 years, but the area retained the name. Originally, known as Battlebridge, the site was settled in Roman times and legend has it that they battled the Iceni tribe, who were led by Boudica. An urban myth still purports that Boudica is buried under a platform at King’s Cross Station.

King’s Cross was very close to the Roman settlement of Londinium and it is though that it was a point of crossing for the Fleet River, where Roman monks, carrying remains of the martyred St. Pancras built a church on its banks. In fact, it is considered the oldest place of Christian worship in Europe. As it sat just outside of London as a rural area in the 18th century and was popular with people escaping the city for some rest and relaxation. Development started towards the end of that century and soon it became an industrial and distribution centre.

Housing for industrial rail workers began to spring up in the mid 19th century as King’s Cross became linked to the north of England. Gas works, coal storage and other polluting industries flourished due not just to the railway, but because of access to the canal system, which allowed the transfer from trains directly to barges.

After the war and the nationalisation of the railway system, King’s Cross went into a steep decline. Many of the industrial sites and warehouses were abandoned to become derelict. As a result, cheap rents attracted a mix of artists and designers as well as prostitutes and drug dealers. Since the 1990’s though, King’s Cross has been the location of one of London’s most extensive regeneration projects turning it into a highly desirable area for British and foreign investors and home to an international and cosmopolitan community.

Where in the world is King’s Cross?

King’s Cross is in the London Borough of Camden and is situated between Camden Town and Islington. Russell Square and Fitzrovia lie to the south of King’s Cross and to its north is Kentish Town and Holloway. Accessible by rail from Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam internationally as well as excellent connections to Gatwick by train and Heathrow by tube, King’s Cross is easy to get to from anywhere in the world. It also has excellent rail links to Scotland and the north of England. By road, it’s also simply accessed by the A501, which encircles central London and goes right through the heart of King’s Cross.

Despite its location and industrial past, King’s Cross is surprisingly home to a number of parks and outdoor areas since regeneration. Gasholder Park, for example, is a unique spot to relax and enjoy the view of the narrow boats at St. Pancras lock. Other parks to explore include Lewis Cubitt Park, designed to emulate London’s grassy squares, Camley Street Natural Park, which is a nature reserve or, if you’re into something more quirky and urban, you can check out the Skip Garden as sustainable community garden.

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King’s Cross Station

King’s Cross Station opened in 1852 and was the largest railway station in Europe. Since then, it has had to continue to grow as its service expanded. Adjacent to King’s Cross Station is St. Pancras, which where the Eurostar terminates, bringing travelers from across Europe. Beneath these stations is the King’s Cross St. Pancras Tube Station. The combination of these three transport hubs make it one of the busiest in the country.

The station itself has featured in many films and books, the most popular and current being the fictional platform 9 ¾ in the Harry Potter series. In 2007 – 2012, the station underwent a £500 million restoration resulting in its roof being the longest station structure in Europe. More refurbishment and updating is expected in the near future. With the number of trains coming in from so many locations and a modern, welcoming station to greet visitors, King’s Cross is now a fantastic place to visit as a tourist or to live and work. Whichever you are, there is no need for you to miss out on the chance to enjoy the area with a stunning escort to keep you company, help you relax and provide you with sensual fun.