The Monument in London refers to both the tube station and an actual monument, The Monument to the Great Fire in London. Like so many other landmarks in London, it has deep historical and cultural importance. It commemorates a fire that burned for three days in London in 1666 and destroyed much of the City of London. The only buildings that survived were built of stone.

The Monument was commonly thought to have been built in 1677 by Christopher Wren, Surveyor General to King Charles II and the architect of St. Paul’s Cathedral. It stands 202 feet high, which is its exact distance from the bakery, where the fire first started on Pudding Lane. It originally had words inscribed on it that suggested the Roman Catholics were responsible for the fire, but those were erased by The Corporation of London in 1831. The truth is that it was designed by his friend, scientist Robert Hooke. In its time a room at the very top served as a sort of laboratory with the entire building serving as a sort of giant telescope. Christopher Wren did manage the project though. Unfortunately, Hooke’s dream didn’t come to fruition due to vibrations from traffic below although he did finally conduct some very successful experiments on the effects of height on barometric pressure, using the 354 steps of The Monument to do so. The public only has access to 311 of the steps to the viewing platform which has panoramic views across London and is a popular tourist experience.

The Monument has a rich history going back to Roman Londinium. It’s primarily a place where people work in financial institutions and commute. People in the area are affluent and busy. Businesses locally cater to city workers and provide a micro community with everything they need. Of course, one of those needs is companionship, which is why we have some of the most beautiful, educated, well spoken and very sexy escorts available in The Monument area.

Where in the world is The Monument?

The Monument and Monument Station are in the City of London. The Monument itself can be found at the corners of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill. Next to The Monument is Monument Square. Essentially, the area is the heart of London’s financial district. Just north of London Bridge, it’s easily accessible from the West End along the The Strand and Fleet Street. It’s not just a place where people work. They also eat, drink and party locally which makes it the sort of place for fun nights out with a lively date. After a long hard day in the office, followed by the gym and a quick drink, nothing could be more relaxing or satisfying than the company of a skilled and stunning escort.

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The Monument area is very lively at night. Restaurants and bars overflow with City workers trying to beat the stress of the day. Sometimes that sort of community can become a little bit stifling and having a fun date with someone outside of that circle can be just what the doctor ordered.

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Monument Station

You can’t really talk about Monument Tube Station without talking about Bank Tube Station as well as they are interconnected and one of the busiest tube station complexes in central London. Monument Tube Station opened first in 1884 and Bank opened in 1900. They were connected in 1933. Tragically, in 1941, during The Blitz, over 100 people were killed in Bank station after a direct hit by a German bomb.

Monument and Bank Tube Stations are not only very busy, they can be extremely tricky to navigate. Bank Tube Station alone has 12 different exits and if you are not paying attention, you can get lost in the labyrinth of tunnels that connect the exits and stations as it’s not just a tube interchange but also one for Docklands Light Railway. But no matter how crazy The Monument Station may be, especially during rush hour, it’s a very easy location to reach from any part of London and makes commuting especially simple. It also means that if you fancy spending some time with an escort, you can easily get home afterwards without having to worry about parking or traffic.