Notting Hill and Notting Hill Gate are often used interchangeably but they reference two different things. Notting Hill Gate is the name of the street that passes through Notting Hill, while Notting Hill is, indeed, an actual hill. No one knows for sure where the name, Notting Hill, comes from, but the earliest version appeared in documents in 1356 as Knottynghull. It is believed that the name may go back to Saxon times and derive from the family name Cnotta.

Notting Hill Gate was, as you might have guessed, a gate. This gate, or toll booth, was built at the base of the hill to collect monies from those passing to aid in the maintenance of the road. Originally, part of the rural area of Middlesex, it was known as the Potteries and Piggeries as tiles and bricks were made there and as pig farmers were moved further out, they moved into the area. But during the 19th century, the area started to be developed with streets and houses as middle class people started moving into the suburbs of London.

The centrepiece of the development was the Hippodrome Racecourse, opened in 1937. Race goers could watch from the top of the hill as the course circled around them. It wasn’t a great success and closed four years later. But the course itself is the reason for the many crescents found locally as they were built over the circular race course tracks. Throughout the 19th century the area remained popular with those who could afford a grand lifestyle on a smaller income than they could in central London. The area was filled with large houses, where families and their servants could live comfortably.

By the 20th century, when people no longer lived with servants, the houses were split into multifamily dwellings and the area became a place where low income families and immigrants made their homes. Housing conditions became so bad in Notting Hill that Notting Hill Trust was founded and the organisation pushed through legislation to protect the rights of tenants.

Notting Hill returned to favour with the wealthy and the large houses eventually became single family homes again. The area has been heavily gentrified and is one of London’s most desirable areas to live. Notting Hill was made world famous by a movie with its name, which won numerous awards, accolades and nominations. Now Notting Hill Gate is a favourite location for visitors around the globe and a wonderful place to spend a day exploring and indulging with a charming and beautiful escort to keep you company.

Where in the world is Notting Hill Gate?

Notting Hill Gate is in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The street is the continuance of Bayswater Road, becoming Holland Park Avenue as it goes westward. Notting Hill Gate is to the south of Notting Hill. The hill itself reaches its summit at the corner of Ladbroke Grove and Kensington Park Gardens. Notting Hill has no boundaries so the area’s limits are very vague. Local historian Florence Gladstone describes it as ‘the whole part of Kensington that is north of the road known as Notting Hill Gate’. Notting Hill Gate certainly is in west London and is thought to include Ladbroke Grove, Portobello Road, Westbourne Grove, Westbourne Green and North Kensington.

I’d love some company in Notting Hill Gate.

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Notting Hill Gate Station

Notting Hill Gate Tube Station was built in 1868. There had been a little bit of confusion with the naming as a previously opened station was called Notting Hill Tube Station. Eventually it was renamed Ladbroke Grove Tube Station, which made things much simpler although there remained two separate entrances to two separate Notting Hill Gate Tube Stations on opposite sides of the road, serving the Central Line on one side and the Circle and District Lines on the other until it was refurbished and reopened in 1959 with both sides linked.

The station was again done up in 2010, when it was modernised and redecorated. Notting Hill Gate Tube Station isn’t the only underground station to serve the Notting Hill area. Westbourne Park and Ladbroke Grove Tube Stations also make Notting Hill a very easy area to access from other parts of London. Whether you live in Notting Hill and have found yourself at a loose end, wanting some company, fun and recreation or if you’re visiting Notting Hill and wish to let off some steam, while you explore and luxuriate in your hotel, we would be delighted to provide you with a world class, educated, stunning escort to satisfy your every need.