Pimlico is a central London home to the very wealthy with gorgeous garden squares and stunning Regency architecture. Originally part of the Manor of Ebury, it was leased by the crown to various people. Eventually King James I sold the property and it was sold on until eventually Mary Davies inherited it. She was married off as an heiress when she was twelve years old to Sir Thomas Grosvenor, part of the very wealthy Grosvenor family. The area became known as Pimlico in the late 17th or early 18th centuries and there is much uncertainty about the source of the name. It is believed to have been of foreign origin and may have come from a man named Ben Pimilico.

Much of the area had been marshland, but in the early 19th century, when property outside of the West End started to become desirable, Lord Grosvenor employed architect Thomas Cubitt and the land was filled with soil from excavations for St. Katherine’s docks in the East End of London. Cubitt proceeded to develop the land with grand houses and shops on the major roads, with smaller houses on the side streets. Eventually though, in the late 19th century, affordable dwellings were built locally through charitable housing organisations.

In the early 20th century, Pimlico became a favoured location for political activity as both the Labour Party and the Trades Union Congress had offices there. More development continued until WWII, when many buildings suffered a great deal of damage. Now, primarily a quiet, well off residential area, with over 350 listed buildings, parks, gardens, a popular street market and many churches, it is an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of London, particularly popular with affluent families.

Where in the world is Pimlico?

Pimlico is in the City of Westminster, with Belgravia next door but separated from it to the north by Victoria Railway Station. The River Thames is the southern boundary of Pimilico with Vauxhall Bridge Road to the east and what used to be the Grosvenor Canal, but now a development called Grosvenor Waterside to the west.

It has been home to many famous individuals throughout history including Sir Winston Churchill, William Hague, Bram Stoker, Laurence Olivier and, more notoriously, fascist Oswald Mosely. One of London’s largest theatres, Apollo Victoria, was built there and the Tate Britain is right there on the Millbank.

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Pimlico Station

Pimlico Tube Station is a rather modern addition to the underground network. Opened in 1972, it is the only station on the Victoria line that doesn’t interchange with another line. It is actually part of an office block and is located conveniently to access all parts of Pimlico. Otherwise, it’s not particularly a tube station of much note. It is, though, a convenient way to get in and out of the area and means that both locals and visitors can get around London easily. So, if you fancy taking your date out on the town and you want to have a drink, you know you can travel safely and enjoy.