Putney is to the south west of central London. In the 19th century, before it was part of London, it belonged to the county of Surrey. It was mostly woodland with some agriculture and was connected to Fulham by a wooden bridge over the River Thames. But its history is much older than that. Records of the area go back to 1067, when it was referred to as Putelei. It had a ferry and toll for those crossing the Thames. As early as the 13th century there are writings that mention ‘Robert the Ferryman of Putney.

The first bridge there was, in fact, made of interconnected barges and was intended to carry the army and its artillery across the river during the English Civil War. In 1729, the first permanent bridge was built. The wooden structure lasted 150 years and was replaced with the stone bridge that still stands today in the mid 19th century. Putney’s location along the river, makes water sports very popular and there are a number of rowing clubs based there. The famous Henley Boat Race commences at Putney every year and has done so since the mid 19th century.

Not only does Putney have the benefit of the riverbank, but it also encompasses part of Richmond park and has Putney Heath within its boundaries. It has other popular green area including Wandsworth Park, parts of the London Wetlands, King George’s Park and Wimbeldon and Putney commons all available for the enjoyment of the community. Once an industrial area and home to the College for Civil Engineers, Putney is now a very pretty, leafy location with upmarket developments as well as the large homes that were built when it was a destination for wealthy Londoners wishing to enjoy outdoor pursuits.

Where in the world is Putney?

Putney is in South West London and lies in the London Borough of Wandsworth. It sits along the Thames and is bordered to the west by Richmond, to the east by Wandsworth and to the south is Wimbledon. The A3, known as the London or Portsmouth Road, comes straight from the south, through Putney and connects to several major crossings into central London. Roehampton University is in the Putney area, which makes it very popular with students. Interestingly, Putney has the highest number of Australian and New Zealand residents in London.

It may come as a surprise that Putney has been the home of many famous and notable people including Richard Branson, Prime Minister Clement Attlee, Pierce Brosnan, Thomas Cromwell, Grace Jones, Simon Le Bon, J P Morgan and Mary Shelley, to name a few. Close enough to central London to be an easy commute but on the green outskirts, along the river, providing a pleasant and peaceful place to live and visit, Putney may not be the first place that comes to mind when they think of London, but it certainly is an area that holds many attractions to those in the know.

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Putney Bridge Station

Putney Bridge Station was built in 1880. It’s original name was Putney Bridge and Fulham. It was renamed in 1902 as Putney Bridge and Hurlingham and then was finally named Putney Bridge in 1932. The thing is that Putney Bridge Station isn’t even in Putney. It’s on the other side of the bridge in Fulham. So, if you fancy taking your date out on the town and you want to have a drink, you know you can travel safely and enjoy.

East Putney Tube Station is in Putney itself. It was opened in 1889 as an extension to Putney Bridge Station. To get further south in Putney, Southfields Tube Station sits on the border between Wandsworth and Putney. It is quite easy to get to central Putney via overground rail, which does, indeed, have a Putney Station, which connects through to Waterloo. Alternatively, Barnes rail station will take you to the west side of Putney on the Richmond border. So, overall, while somewhat outside of the centre of London, Putney is well served by public transportation should you wish to enjoy the companionship of your date for a visit to London’s West End or other parts of the city.