Shepherd’s Bush is an area in west London. Its history can be traced back as far as the Iron Age and it was first identified in a written record in the 1st century. In 1635, it was referred to as Sheppard’s Bush Green. It is not known for sure whether it was named after a man, or in reference to it being used as a stopping off point for grazing on the way to market in the City of London.

Up until the mid-18th century, Shepherd’s Bush remained farmland and was subsequently developed as London expanded and people moved further out, creating suburbs to the city. By the end of the 19th century it was completely built up with a variety of terraces and semi-detached houses. The Empire Theatre, also known as The Coliseum of west London and film studios, called Lime Grove opened up in the beginning of the 20th century. To this day, both buildings are still in use, the former as a music venue and the latter, is currently under redevelopment though it was home to the BBC studios up until very recently. Once the old BBC studios at White City are redeveloped into a multi-purpose site, the BBC will return for live studio recordings.

The area was a popular location for large exhibitions, fairs and events such as the Franco British exhibition, which drew upwards of 8 million visitors, and was a principal site for the Summer Olympics in 1908. During World War II, the neighbourhood was devastated by bombing. Then followed a series of planning disasters, including the destruction of most of the Victorian era houses so that the Westway could be built, and then, when the M41 spur road cut it off completely from neighbouring Holland Park, its rapid decline was cemented.

In 2008 a large shopping centre, in fact, the largest in Europe, was developed, which did much to improve things and there are many regeneration projects in the works. The neighbourhood has become very popular with young graduates, with a term being coined for them as the ‘bush-geoisie’. As a shopping hub, Shepherd’s Bush is regaining popularity and many people enjoy visiting the Saturday Shepherd’s Bush Market. New restaurants are popping up and events are coming back to the area, which has so much to offer as a residential area with many green spaces.

Where in the world is Shepherd’s Bush

Shepherd’s Bush is west of central London and in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The main roads bisecting Shepherd’s Bush are Uxbridge, Goldhawk and Askew. They are known for being lined with independent shops, restaurants and pubs. Hammersmith is directly to the south of Shepherd’s Bush, while Holland Park and Notting Hill are to its East. Its north border is Harlesden and Chiswick its west. The northern part of Shepherd’s Bush is White City, which is famous as having been the home of the BBC for many decades.

Shepherd’s Bush may not be somewhere many tourists visit, but its shopping centre, Westfield, doesattract many into the locale, as does its music venues and its sports field, Loftus Road. A conservation area has been created to protect buildings of historic interest and to work towards uplifting the character of the area. Because there are a number of large businesses locally and also due to its transport links, businessmen often find themselves in the Shepherd’s Bush area and are often traveling alone. Luckily for them, they don’t have to be lonely as we have the best reputation in the area for providing bright, beautiful and enthusiastic escorts to match every taste in Shepherd’s Bush.

I’d love some company in Shepherd’s Bush

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What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

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Shepherd’s Bush Station

Shepherd’s Bush Tube Station opened in 1900. Originally it was a level surface station. During London Transport’s refurbishing programme in 1935-1940, the lifts were replaced by escalators and the platforms were lengthened. At some point the station was renamed Shepherd’s Bush Green Station until 2008, when it was again renovated and the original above ground building was completely replaced. There is, in fact, another station nearby called Shepherd’s Bush Market Station that had also been named Shepherd’s Bush until 2008. It was all quite confusing for a while. The area is served by other stations as well, including Goldhawk Road, Wood Lane and White City.