Warwick Avenue is in west London. It was originally called Green Lane. Eventually that was changed to Warwick Road when street plans were drawn up in the early 19th century. Eventually it became known as Warwick Avenue. It is central to the Little Venice area of London, which all was part of Paddington, a parish created during medieval times. The canals that give the area the ‘venice’ nomenclature, were built at the very beginning to the 18th century during the industrial revolution.

Much of the land that Warwick Avenue was built on, along with Warwick Place and Warwick Crescent, was owned by Francis Warwick. It is believed that the street names were granted by George Gutch, Surveyor to the Bishop of London, in honour of Francis’s wife, Jane Warwick. It is said that she had married into Francis’s landed and wealthy family, but it seems that she was, actually, his first cousin. They owned a significant estate called Warwick Hall near Carlisle, where members of the aristocracy, including Prince Charles Edward Stuart, otherwise known as ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’, were entertained.

The area is known for its regency style, white stucco architecture and pretty canals lined with colourful house boats. The name ‘Little Venice’ was coined somewhere in the 19th century but there are arguments whether Robert Browning or Lord Byron was the original source. The area is considered a prime residential location for well to do Londoners and is generously served by theatres, pubs, cafes, restaurants and shops. It is a perfect spot for strolling, celebrity spotting, eating, drinking and getting to know a new companion, who you’ve booked as an escort to entertain, please and satisfy you during your stay.

Where in the world is Warwick Avenue?

Warwick Avenue is a street in Maida Vale, to the west of central London. It terminates to the south at Paddington Basin and to the north at Sutherland Avenue. It’s surrounding area is the popular and beautiful Little Venice locale. It is part of the A404 that runs between east Berkshire and West London and shortly after Warwick Avenue, joins The Westway, or A40, which is a major thoroughfare.

I’d love some company in Warwick Avenue

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What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

Although Warwick Avenue is at the heart of a village like residential area, it’s also quaint and a place that attracts many tourists. Its location being so close to the transportation hub of Paddington, makes it a perfect place to enjoy London in a peaceful neighbourhood. There are not many accommodation choices nearby, but The Colonnade Hotel is about as close as you can get and it’s a pretty spectacular place to stay. Once a hospital and then a boarding school, it has been a popular resting stop for important visitors to London since the early 19th century. With suites offering lush four poster beds, wrapped in expensive Egyptian cotton, you’ll simply want to spend the night with your date, enjoying a playful romp.

If you feel the need to replenish your energy, you’ll enjoy a stroll down the canals for a bite to eat at The Summerhouse, a sophisticated and intimate, canal side eatery specialises in fine seafood. You can sit and watch the canal boats float by while you sip your drink and enjoy being charmed by your date. If you fancy something more private and adventurous, how about a champagne tour on the canal itself in The Great Gatsby? There are beautiful gardens to explore locally but truly, the highlight of the area is the canal itself.
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Warwick Avenue Station

Warwick Avenue Tube Station opened in 1915. When it was built, its name was supposed to be Warrington Crescent Station as it was where Warwick Avenue met Clifton Gardens and Warrington Crescent. The station has no buildings on the surface and was one of the first stations to be purpose built for escalators rather than lifts. The only part of the station that is above ground is a ventilation shaft which pops up on a traffic island. The other, and arguably, more interesting way to travel to Warwick Avenue aside from normal buses is by waterbus. This service uses the Regent’s Canal to provide a service between Little Venice, London Zoo and Camden Lock through the summer months.