West Kensington is to the west of central London. All of Kensington was once a Saxon settlement. It is believed the name Kensington is a derivative of the Anglo Saxon word ‘chenesitun’, which means ‘town of Chenesi’s people’. A manor with the name Chenisitone is mentioned in writing in 1086 and by 1396, references appear as Kesyngton. Essentially, the area has had people living in it for a very long time.

West Kensington was part of a small rural manor until the 16th century, when a grand house was built by Thomas More, Lord Chancellor to King Henry VIII on the riverside. This attracted the wealthy, aristocratic, and noble to the area and right through the 17th century it was very upper class and affluent. A village grew around these magnificent homes and the area became one of the largest in the manor. As the area continued to grow, the type of housing became very mixed with multi level dwellings for those who had servants, who would live in the basements along with cottages and small terraces. The surrounding fields supported the community with market gardens.

In the late 19th century, after the arrival of the railway, ambitious plans were made to further develop the area. The builders created West Kensington Estate, which was built in High Victorian style. Ultimately, they built over twelve hundred homes and convinced the railway company to change the name of the station to West Kensington. Unfortunately, all of the plans fell by the wayside later in the century when they failed to get a bridge built over the railway connecting them to neighbouring and upwardly mobile Kensington and then they were hit by the housing slump.

Eventually the area began to attract artists and its popularity began to rise yet again. This led to further development of housing to accommodate those moving locally, resulting in even denser urbanisation. Now West Kensington is the more affordable neighbour to other communities that are considered better off. It is very popular with single people, young couples and European families. With high end shops, boutiques and restaurants spilling over from Kensington and Chelsea into the area, it has the advantage of being a quieter residential area within easy reach of the high life. You know that if you’re staying in West Kensington, there is no need to feel lonely. We are pleased to offer absolutely stunning, skilled, attentive and very sexy escorts in the West Kensington area.

Where in the world is West Kensington?

West Kensington is a district boundaried by Hammersmith Road on the west, Fulham directly south, Kensington to the east, and, Shepherd’s Bush to the north. One can find both the Queen’s Club and the Olympia Exhibition Centre in West Kensington. It is close to a number of central London universities, making it popular with students. It is partially in the London Borough Hammersmith and Fulham and the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

I’d love some company in West Kensington

As West Kensington is popular for both single professional graduates and students as a place to live, it is understandable that there are many people locally looking for company. The London dating scene can be tricky, to say the least. So, we are proud that we can provide a highly professional service to both those who live in West Kensington and those who are visiting, to make sure that no one has to spend too much time on their own if they don’t want to. Our escorts are also wonderful at helping people to explore their fantasies and desires in a safe and exciting manner. If you are in West Kensington it’s so easy to arrange a date with one of our amazing escorts.

What to choose? An incall or an outcall?

West Kengsington is very much a centuries old residential area and, as a result, doesn’t have too many hotels locally. There are many lovely serviced apartments that can be rented but most are rather anonymous and dull. We like to recommend that people enjoy their visits to London by enjoying some of the history, culture and colour of the city. So, we’d suggest you consider staying at The Hand & Flower, a traditional pub and inn that is now a welcoming boutique hotel. The pub itself has been in existence for at least 200 years, which makes it a great place to really get a feel of what London is all about. It has extremely comfortable and private rooms and, due to its long history, is as discreet as can be.

Sticking with the theme, you can pop up the road to Melody at St. Paul’s for sumptuous fine dining and to enjoy one of their curated collection of over 200 whiskies. The restaurant is on the site of what used to be the St. Paul’s School, which was founded over 500 years ago. The site in West Kensington was founded in 1881 but relocated in the 1960’s.

Because West Kensington is mostly residential, it’s an ideal location for visitors, who want to enjoy the amenities of opulent West London without the crowds. Because it is more peaceful it is a great spot to stay. You may live in West Kensington or be visiting on a trip and it isn’t convenient to entertain a date in your own accommodation. With clients like you in mind, we provide an incall service in our discreet, welcoming and relaxing apartments where you can focus on having your very specific desires completely satisfied right in the West Kensington area.

West Kensington Station

West Kensington Station was opened in 1874 as North End. After lobbying by local developers in the late 19th century it was renamed West Kensington. The entrance was redesigned in 1927 but the ticket office remains at street level. It provides services on the District Line and is between Earls Court and Barons Court. West Brompton Rail Station and Baron’s Court Tube Station are also convenient stops for West Kensington.