White City is in north west London. Up until the 19th century, the area was made up of a few farms and brick fields. There was one track called Wood Lane and, unsurprisingly a farm called Wood Lane Farm, on which Wood Lane station was sited. In 1908, when the UK were hosting the Olympics, the Franco – British Exhibition was opened at an extraordinary site on over 140 acres of land developed as an exhibition centre by Hungarian immigrant Imre Kiralfy, who had created previous exhibitions across the world. This project was, by far, his most spectacular.

The exhibition centre took 18 months and 12,000 workers along with his architect John Belcher, to build. The buildings surrounded a huge artificial lake, where visitors could take a ride on a swan boat. There were 20 white palaces and 120 exhibition buildings. There were two ‘colonial’ villages to celebrate the UK’s imperialism, one of which was an entire Irish Village. There were rides, including the Flip – Flap, which went so high you could see Windsor Castle. Over 8 million people visited the exhibition along with royalty and international heads of state during the 5-6 months it remained open. Because all of the buildings were painted white, it was called The Great White City, and this is how the area got its name.

In 1914, the exhibition centre closed and by the 30’s had become derelict, although it was used for a time by the local football club, Queens Park Rangers. The whole thing was eventually torn down and replaced by a sprawling council estate. In the 1950’s the rest of the land was turned into the BBC’s White City Television Centre. The BBC eventually sold their property in 2007 and while parts of the building were given English Heritage status, a new development consisting of a shopping centre, flats cinema, restaurants, schools, education centres, light industrial premises and open spaces is under construction. With the amazing investment and regeneration of the area, it’s becoming a desirable place to live and visit and that is why we have gorgeous, attentive, open minded and very sexy escorts available in White City.

Where in the world is White City?

White City is in the northern part of Shepherd’s Bush to the west of central London. It is in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Its northern boundary is the Westway and its southern Uxbridge Road. It stretches from Old Oak Road on its west to West Cross Route along it’s east side. Holland Park is directly to its east and Acton to its West. Being in Shepherd’s Bush means that it is very conveniently located to access all areas of west and central London.

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White City Station

White City Tube Station opened in 1908, but at that time it was called Wood Lane Station and it was built specifically to provide transportation to and from the Franco-Britain Exhibition at Great White City Exhibition Centre. In 1938, building work was commenced for a new station, but WWII interrupted the plans and so, it wasn’t opened until 1947, when it replaced Wood Lane Station and was called White City. Its design was such that it won an award at the Festival of Britain, held in 1951. In 2008 though, Wood Lane station was revived nearby. White City Station’s most recent modernisation was also completed in 2008 for which it received another award due to the sensitive way that the heritage and original design were retained.