Lonely in London

I’ve been living and working in London for six months now. I was recruited by a tech firm. I studied biomechanics in Russia. I always wanted to have the opportunity to travel and live in different parts of the world and this is my first job abroad. I had a girlfriend in my hometown, but I thought it was best to split from her rather than to leave her hanging on while I worked abroad. It would have been impossible for us to have continued. It didn’t take her long to get over me. She is already engaged to one of my cousins.

I come from a small place, where everyone knows everyone, and I lived there my whole life. I have a lot of extended family there and have always been used to having a lot of people I know around me. So, this move to England has been a big change. I’m not complaining. I love London and, quite honestly, everyone has been really nice to me, but I have to admit I’m lonely a lot of the time. I’ve tried to date British women, but I just don’t understand them. The culture here is so very different to my own.

The thing I have the hardest time adjusting to is the way people are so indirect here about everything. I am often told I am too abrupt and honest, but where I come from, honestly is considered the right thing. I find it so weird in London. People will tell you that everything is fine, when it obviously is not. If they like you, they act like they don’t. If they don’t like you, they act like they do. People get offended when I’m talking to them openly. So, I’ve kind of just shut down and stopped socialising.

I call home and video chat with them all regularly. I talked to one of my brothers about it and he told me to find a Russian girlfriend here. I have met a few other Russians. Actually, there are quite a few, but one of the whole points of moving to England was to get better at English and learn about the culture. I don’t want to end up hanging out with lots of other Russians and missing out. I know, I probably sound stupid because now I’m just alone. I have made some British friends at work and we do go to the pub, play pool and hang out. The funniest part is that once they’ve had a few pints, they start getting much more honest. I suppose that’s what they need. They sure do like to get drunk.

I thought about trying a dating app. Even though I don’t want to socialise much with other Russian people, my brother is right. It would be nice for me to date a Russian girl. The problem is that every time I look for dating sites for Russian girls, they are all in Russia trying to find a rich British boyfriend. I also kept stumbling across escort sites. It seems a lot of Russian women come to the UK to work as escorts. I wasn’t shocked. The money will be much better here for them and they can send money home to their families. We aren’t as hung up about sex in Russia as people are in England, so being an escort isn’t a big deal.

It occurred to me that an escort service might just suit my needs. If I get into a relationship with a Russian woman here in London, it will set me back in learning English. I’m lonely and I really want company from time to time. I don’t want to date a British woman because I don’t understand them. Quite honestly, I’m super busy at work as well. So, an escort seemed like an interesting solution. Being an engineer, I tend to think about things logically and this seemed like a very logical thing to do.

I did some research and discovered Cleopatra Escorts. They have a lot of Russian women working for them and I was so happy to discover that many of them are pretty and around my age. So, I didn’t waste a minute booking my first date. I didn’t want anything fancy, so I just booked for dinner and then a few hours afterwards. I met her in town at a restaurant bar. I work in east London, so I picked a place in southwest London just to make sure I didn’t bump into any of my colleagues. Not that I’d be embarrassed, but it is just easier not to complicate my situation. Last thing I want is gossip about me at work.

She was waiting for me at the bar and looked much better in real life than she did in the photos. She was naturally beautiful but still had that Russian style going on. I love the way Russian women take so much pride in how they look. I told her how beautiful she looked in Russian and she gave me a huge smile. We started speaking in Russian immediately and I suddenly stopped feeling so lonely. It was just like a normal date and we never ran out of things to talk about. We both missed our families and we shared stories about our hometowns. Russia is a big place and even though she lived a long way from me, there is still so much in common. She also understood my loneliness and shared that she had similar issues.

We had a great meal and decided to go out to a club afterwards. We danced and drank and I almost forgot about the time. I mean, while it felt like a normal date, I also realised that we were sort of on the clock. I think we were both feeling it when I suggested we get a hotel room. I hadn’t booked anywhere as I really wasn’t sure how everything was going to go. So, we staggered arm and arm, giggling and speaking loudly in Russian, using google to find the nearest hotel.

It wasn’t anywhere fancy, but it was clean and comfortable. I’m sure the receptionist knew what we were up to but, hey, it’s a hotel. I’m sure they see all sorts of things. We got into the lift and nearly undressed each other before we got to our floor. She grabbed my hand when the doors opened and dragged me down the hall, running, while we laughed so hard. I barely could get the key card in. We spent an hour in the room having all sorts of adult fun. We did all the things I knew about and then I let her teach me some new tricks. It was perfect and exactly what I needed. The receptionist gave us an even funnier look when we checked out of the hotel.

I made sure she had a cab and then I caught a cab home, myself. As the car headed back to my flat in East London, I thought about the evening and started planning the next one. I get paid well but do send a lot back home. I don’t have much to spend on here, so I can probably do a date like this every month or so. The way my life is right now, I think that will be perfect for me. I can’t wait to work my way through all of Cleopatra’s Russian escorts.