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There are some very good reasons why mature women are so popular that they consistently appear in the top ten searches for porn. Let’s start with the classic MILF fantasy. You must have had a friend with a sexy mum, who drove you wild. You knew she was flirting with you and you would stay up late at night, with your horny, adolescent brain going wild. You’d play with yourself while you imagined having her, and you probably got even more excited at the thought of your friend catching you.

Now that you’re older, your tastes and desires have probably gotten a little bit more interesting and creative and that’s another reason why seeking companionship with an older escort would be the perfect way to spend some intimate time with a woman. For some, the mid to late thirties may even be considered old and we certainly provide the best variety of escorts from that age and up to please all of our clients, no matter what they fancy. The truth is that many men prefer natural looking women for companionship, and that’s something that our mature escorts can cater to. Many of them look like normal women, who you’d meet anywhere. The only difference is that they are available to provide you with companionship, fun, fetish fulfilling and very satisfying experiences.

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You may be thinking of spending some time with a granny. GILFS are the best escorts for anyone who wants to learn some new tricks because they have been around for long enough to have no hang ups and are always eager and up for something kinky. If you’ve never had a date with a GILF, you really don’t know what you’re missing. They are usually extra horny and super fun to spend time with. You may just have a thing for older women and that’s just fine too. That’s exactly why we have granny escorts available for you.

Older women make some of the best Dommes and experienced submissives know this, so they look out specifically for old, strict, strong escorts with a well stocked toy box and a very open mind. A mature escort understands the psychological needs of a submissive and can offer the sort of scene that a younger escort simply won’t have the skills to play out. Clients looking to expand their submissive experiences or explore their fetishes more deeply would be best instructed and trained by an older, mature Domme.

So, if you like them older, maybe a bit softer, less demanding and kinkier, arranging a date with a granny, MILF or other mature escort is just what you need. Feel free to get in touch if you have any special requests and we’ll do our best to assist.