Midnight Surprise

I could feel him behind me in the bed, moving himself closer to me. We had both fallen asleep only hours earlier but it seemed like he woke up in a mood to be inside me.
“What are you doing?” I asked groggily, turning my head slightly.
“I want you, Joly,” he whispered in my ear from behind.
He moved his arm over my body and started playing with my large breasts, massaging them and running his fingers over my sensitive nipples. I was sleeping in a pair of cotton panties only so he had easy access. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as I felt my nipples harden at his stimulating touch.
He moved his hand down over my stomach and between my legs. He started rubbing my pussy through my panties. His fingers moved over my swollen lips as he rubbed the thin material between my folds. He then slipped his hand inside my underwear and started running his fingers up and down my moist slit, slipping his finger inside my folds as he stimulated my clitoris.
“I’m so horny,” I gasped as I moved my arm behind my back and felt his erect cock through his underwear.
I pulled the top of his underwear down and his large cock bounced out. I grabbed his thick shaft with my hand and started jerking it back and forth. I could hear him breathing heavily down my neck as he started rubbing my lips with greater urgency.
“Pull my panties down,” I told him.
Without hesitation he grabbed the back of my underwear and jerked it down to my knees. He moved himself forward, pressing his throbbing cock against me from behind. At that point I was so aroused I just wanted him to fuck me.
“Put it in,” I begged him.
He pushed forward with his cock as I felt it inch into my tight hole. I gasped as he thrust forward hard, filling my pussy with his massive pulsating dick. He grabbed my tits from behind and stared ramming me hard. I was so sensitive I could feel the bulging veins around his shaft as it slipped in and out of me.
After a few minutes of pounding me I felt a tingling throughout my body. I closed my eyes, grabbed the side of the bed and shouted out loudly as I convulsed into an intense orgasm, shaking and trembling as he continued ramming me relentlessly. My pussy contracted around his cock and the next moment I heard him grunting loudly as he erupted inside of me, filling me with his hot cum.
A few minutes later he pulled himself out of me. I turned around and smiled at him.
“Let me take care of that for you,” I said as I moved down and lowered my mouth over his cock, sucking him off and tasting his cum in my mouth.
After I was done I collapsed back onto my pillow and fell asleep, my panties still sitting on my knees.