Respecting Boundaries

A discrete professional knows how to respect her client’s boundaries. There are some questions that are off limits, there are some answers better not given and there are some things that should just never be spoken about. Any good escort collects and keeps an abundance of secrets in her line of work.

But boundaries go both ways and like any business arrangement, both parties have needs to be taken care of. When hiring a high class escort you know that you will be receiving the respect you deserve, so be sure to show respect in return.

Before arranging your date this means looking into the specific services your escort is willing to provide or discussing special requests to avoid disappointment down the line. Remember that your date is a person first and foremost and that ‘escort’ is simply a label, not a description.

Whilst on your date there are a few things you can do to ensure you are respecting your companion’s boundaries. Do not attempt to push for services that have not been agreed upon. Always be sure to read her body language to check whether or not she is comfortable. This is just as important on a paid date as any other.

Other ways to show respect for your companion include the obvious social norms expected of any intimate situation. All women love a man who shows up clean, nicely dressed and on time. Treat the getting ready process the way you would before any other date or social function. Be prepared.

After your date has come to an end and you have both gone on your merry way there are still other ways to be respectful to your companion. Just as you expect complete discretion from your date she may also require it from you. If you happen to run into your date in day to day life, do not out her secret. There is no need to mention where you know her from if you happen to find yourself immersed in casual conversation. You never know whether she is open about her profession or not, so never mention it in front of other people.