Sharing a Bottle with Sandy

Sandy and I decided to meet up on Sunday, late afternoon, to hang out. We both do the same type of work, for the same agency and every so often we like to catch up, let down our hair and, well, gossip a bit. Sandy and I are escorts. We both work with an agency called Cleopatra and we love it. Every day is different, we get to meet a lot of great people and we really appreciate how hard Cleopatra tries to make sure that the very best and most appreciative clients book through them.

I have two different sets of clothes. One set is for work and that includes all of my outfits. I love finding new ones and I’ve got quite the selection now. Role playing is so much fun and I can do anything from the classic secretary in a short skirt seducing her stressed out boss to a bossy police woman giving an intimate body search. I also have some gorgeous lingerie, some of it gifts from dates and others items that I just feel really sexy in. A lot of my bookings include social occasions, events and dinners, so I always keep classy and stylish designer clothes, wrapped up especially for those. Today I’m dipping into my ‘civilian’ wardrobe, so I throw on a pair of skinny jeans, some high heel leather boots and a tight knit jumper. Just because I’m not at work, it doesn’t mean I don’t like to make heads turn.

I arrive at the bar and Sandy is there waiting for me. She’s so hot. She’s got long blonde hair, hazel eyes and this raspy eastern European accent that makes her sound like some sort of bad girl in a Bond film. We’ve worked together a few times and as we’re both bisexual, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it thoroughly. We’re mostly just friends, so neither of us would ever consider a relationship with each other. In fact, both of us enjoy our independence too much too commit to anyone right now. There’s a lot of fish in the sea and we want to catch and taste quite few before we decide on keeping one, if you know what I mean. We are fuck buddies from time to time though. Why not?

She stands up and we cheek kiss on both sides dramatically as we are both feeling excited and playful. We order a bottle of wine to share and head off to sit at a table in the back because it’s likely that a lot of what we’re going to say might be shocking to someone who is eavesdropping. It’s not like we are indiscreet. Actually, quite the opposite. Even though we like to share stories, we would never consider saying anything that would identify one of our clients, even to each other. That’s one of the reasons we are so valued by Cleopatra Escorts.

We pour a glass each and Sandy enthusiastically tells me about how she’s just had a date take her abroad for a few days on a very nice boat. Not all of our work is glamorous, but we certainly don’t complain when it is. Sandy is sporting a very nice tan after that trip. She tells me that her client was a wealthy man, in his 70’s, who just loves the company of beautiful women and of course, Sandy is a very beautiful woman. Apparently, he wants to take her on a few more trips because he really liked her and she’s looking forward to it. She says that he’s quite charming and interesting and she absolutely loves traveling and working on her tan. Totally a win/win situation for both of them.

I’ve been having an interesting few weeks. I specialise in fetishes and my reputation seems to be growing. Most of the guys with fetishes that I see have the common ones that people expect. Maybe they like feet, shoes, water sports or a little bit of humiliation. But I’ve been seeing a new guy recently and his kink is something different for me. I’m a psychology graduate, so I find fetishes fascinating and believe that helping people who have them is a sort of public service. Many people are closed minded about anyone who has desires that aren’t considered ‘normal’. As far as I’m concerned, as long as it doesn’t involve children or animals and everyone is adult and consenting, there are no ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ ways to express your sexual needs.

This fellow has a thing about being spied on. I’ve had lots of dates who love peeping, spying or watching me but I’ve never had one who wants it the other way around. So, I start to tell Sandy about him and she’s completely intrigued. He’s a young bloke in his early twenties. He’s not bad looking and has a good job. He has quite a high powered job and a live in girlfriend. He says his girlfriend is great in bed but totally vanilla and has no idea that he is kinky at all. In fact, this isn’t his only kink. He’s quite a dirty boy, but all of the other things he enjoys are bog standard in our line of work, so I don’t take much time telling Sandy about them.

What he likes to do is to dress up in women’s underwear, which I provide for him. Then he puts on some porn and pleasures himself while I hide in the loo. He likes it when I make noise like I’m doing things in there, so I play videos on my phone and sometimes even call my friends for a chat. He really gets excited when I torment him by wiggling the door handle as if I’m about to come into the room. After about ten minutes, is his big thing. I have to shout through the door ‘What are you doing in there?’ Once I say it, I count to ten and then burst through the door and look horrified while he makes a mess all over my undies and bra. I always have to try to stop myself from giggling, not because what he’s doing is particularly funny, but because I’m so not shocked. But, of course, I’m very good at acting and that’s why guys love working with me.

If he has enough time afterwards, he loves to get spanked and told what other sorts of punishments I’m going to give him for catching him being so naughty. If I tell him I’m going to call his mother, he nearly loses it again. I have asked him if this ever happened to him in real life and maybe that’s why he enjoys it so much and he says it never did. He claims he just invented it as a fantasy one day and it stuck. He can’t stop thinking about it and the desire has grown ever since. I have no ide if he’s telling the truth or not, but I don’t really care. It’s a fun gig and he’s super generous with tips.

Sandy asked if he’d every fancy being caught by two women, because she wanted to meet this guy. I told her I’d ask him. I think it could be fun. Imagine two horrified gorgeous women catching him at it. We could have a blast. It’s not like he can’t afford it.

Sandy and I finished our bottle of wine and headed off to dinner. I snuck off to the ladies and, I have to admit, I had to get my little pocket vibrator out to take the tension away. I wonder how many guys realise that girls do that. God Sandy’s hot. I wonder how tonight is going to end.