The night has just begun

The knock at the door is gentle like always. I smile at my reflection in the dresser, my long dark curls cascading down to my blue satin corset and my eyes feline in the semi darkness. I have missed his visits far more than I expected.
I open the door without a word and he kisses me gently on the cheek as he slides a wad of cash into the pocket of my robe. He’s always so sweet and subtle about our business that I could almost forget that he pays me. Sometimes I wonder if a guy like him would really need to pay me at all. Perhaps in different circumstances we would have met organically rather than through the services I offer.
But busy guys like him don’t have that much time for meeting women organically, I suppose that’s why he came to me in the first place. I’m so glad that he did and the money has so little to do with it. He makes me feel electric from the moment he walks in.
“You are wearing the lingerie I bought for you.” He smiles approvingly as he runs his hand along my curves and pulls me in for a kiss.
I do a slow twirl so he can see how well it fits my peach of an ass. He spanks it as I turn around and I giggle. I love it when I know he can’t keep his eyes or hands off of me. I know that it means I’m going to be in for a good night.
He scoops me up and carries me to the bed. I lay watching him undress with hungry eyes. His body deserves to be written about in sonnets, especially that magnificent cock. I edge to where he is standing and take the semi-flaccid specimen in my mouth. He feels so good and smooth against my tongue. I lap eagerly, willing him to reach full length so he can pound me with it later.
He groans and strokes my soft hair. When he is hard he joins me on the bed and tells me to sit on top of him. I comply, thinking he wants me to ride his cock, but I’m wrong. He asks me to sit closer and closer to his face until my pussy is pressed against his lips and he is parting my crevices with his tongue. I gasp at the warm wetness that sends ripples through my body. He’s always been generous but this is the first time he’s gone down on me and it’s even more incredible than I suspected it would be. He is a God and better still I can hear how much he is enjoying himself.
He buries his tongue deep inside my pussy, pressing urgently against my tight hole and latching onto my clitoris where he sucks gently but insistently. I can feel the pressure building deep in my loins and I rock my hips harder against his mouth, desperate for release.
My climax is a wave of spasms that cause me to cry out in ecstasy. He keeps licking my juices, savouring the taste of me as I sit on his glorious face. When I finally crawl back down to lay next to him he rolls on top of me and fucks me so hard that I come a second time.
And yet I know the night has just begun…