What Kind of Man?

The women featured on our website showcase a wide array of different backgrounds, cultures, body types and personalities. There is no ‘one kind of woman’ available to hire for the evening. The possibilities are endless… But what kind of man might they be escorting?

You’ve probably heard somebody, somewhere, ask what ‘kind of man’ would pay for such services. They were probably being disparaging and they were probably also talking about something they had no business talking about. There are many very good reasons that a man would pay for such services and none of them are cause for judgement.

Perhaps the man is newly single. It can be tough moving on after a long term relationship. There are so many details and feelings to figure out before he can even think of dragging someone new into the mix. But he gets lonely. Or he has an important function to attend and he doesn’t want to go alone. He wants something fun, reliable and uncomplicated.

Perhaps the man is very time poor and he isn’t looking for the one right now. The one takes up a lot of time. Even girlfriends who aren’t ‘the one’ take up a lot of time. When you are dating someone your time stops belonging to you alone – you have their needs to consider. Sometimes it’s easier to hire a date for the evening, get your fill of social satisfaction and part ways amicably at the end.

Perhaps the man has very specific tastes and is having trouble meeting them in the general population. It’s a big world out there and it can be difficult to find a date who wants exactly what you want. Hiring a date can bypass all the awkward small talk and get right down to the nitty gritty.

Men who hire escorts are not any different from men who date other women. Each one is a unique individual with his own reasons for paying for a date. And let’s be honest – a lot of men will end up paying for their date whether she’s a professional or not. As long as both parties are happy, there is really no cause for judgement.