Where would I meet a girl like that?

The first time you see her you wonder ‘Where would I meet a girl like that?’ and for days you find her crossing your mind over and over again. But eventually the memory fades and you’re left with just an impression of the girl you think you’d like to know. You go back to work; you work hard. Then you get a promotion and you work even harder. It’s a great life but from time to time you still think ‘Where would I meet a girl like that?’.The thought permeates your waking hours.

The second time you see her she’s on the arm of your competitor and immediately you know it’s the same girl. You spend the night wondering how to approach the subject. You finally take your chance when she’s in the washroom. You corner him at the bar and make small talk. You ask him where he met a girl like her. He winks and says ‘Gentlemen don’t tell’ but he slips a business card into your hand as he leaves and he pats you on the back.

The third time you see her you are browsing the website from the card he gave you. ‘Cleopatra’s’. The girl is an escort. You are surprised, but intrigued. You wonder how to find her as you browse a gallery loaded with stunning, sensual women. You browse by hair colour, remembering her as tall and glamorous. Suddenly you see her. You click on her page and find her smiling back at you. She is even more beautiful than you remember. The description says to ‘make an appointment, fast’, so you pick up the phone and dial. You ask for a booking with her, as soon as possible.

The fourth time you see her is the next night when she arrives at your room. She is breathtaking. For a moment you forget to invite her in, but she just smiles and says hello softly. Her voice sounds the way you imagined it would. She is dressed the way you imagined she would be. She kisses you the way that you imagined she would.

You lead her into the bedroom where she kisses you on the lips and undoes her dress. She slips out of it, pushing you back on to the bed and crawling on top of you. This was your fantasy; you asked for this. After dreaming about her for so long you are finally inside of her, touching her soft skin and breathing in her expensive perfume. She smiles and laughs gently while the two of you lay there together, but it only makes her even more intoxicating. Afterwards she talks to you about her studies and asks you about your job. It’s less awkward than it might have been.

You say goodbye to her and thank her for the evening. You shut the door behind her, full of bliss and finally at ease. The worries of the work week have all but vanished and your mind is clear. This might be the best money you ever spent. She was the perfect companion in every way. You don’t know when the fifth time you see her will be, but sooner or later you know that you will call again.