Who is Mrs. Smythe?

I had no idea what to expect from this client, except that I knew it was a woman. I’ve always been very open about my bisexuality and it’s made my work so much more interesting as a result. I’ve met and dated some really lovely couples, but I must say that it’s a rare treat to be booked by a woman. I was tingling with excitement. Her request was to dress casually and comfortably. As always, I made sure my makeup was perfectly applied. My best friend in college was a makeup artist and taught me how to accentuate all my best features. Glossy pouty lips – check. Smokey dark shadow around my eyes to highlight their deep green – check. Just the right amount of bronzer and blush to give me a healthy glow – check.

I put on my favourite pair of tight stretch denim jeans. They may be casual, but they are made by an excellent designer, so they look painted on. By painted on, I mean you could quite imagine that they are paint as you can see every curve and nook of my body smoothly covered by the dark blue fabric. Underneath, I’d put on a cute little black and white polka dotted camisole and French knicker set. Playful but not slutty.

Up top I wore a black silk hoodie with the zip opened just enough to show a flirty glimpse of my cami top. A tantalizing tease of things to come. My breasts are natural and very pert, so a bra would have only reduced the visual appeal of their perkiness through my clothing. Finished it all off with some killer high heels and I was ready to go. I looked delicious and I knew it.

It was an unusually warm evening and I hopped in a black cab to the very stylish hotel in the West End. I had been given the name ‘Ms. Smythe’ to ask for at reception. I went straight up to the desk, asked for Ms. Smythe and received a big smile in return. ‘Of course. She’s expecting you. Please allow me to show you to the private elevator.” It had already started to sound like an intriguing date.

As I headed up in the elevator to the 8th floor penthouse, I checked my makeup and started to feel the excitement build all over my body. I physically respond to anticipation and it’s like an aphrodisiac. It was definitely showing through my skimpy silk top. Never mind. I was sure my date wouldn’t mind. Luckily I didn’t know who my date was or I might have embarrassed myself.

The lift opened into this huge suite with fancy white furniture. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who my date was. I wish I could share it with you, but one of the things impressed upon us all here at Cleopatra is to be discreet and absolutely private about our clients. What I can tell you is that I’m a fan and that was enough for me to nearly lose my composure. But, being a professional and knowing how important it is to remain composed and confident with dates, I smiled and gave her a hug. She responded enthusiastically with a wiggle and a giggle. I couldn’t believe she was all alone in this huge penthouse suite. With a sad face, she explained that she was on tour and that this was what life was like.

I have to admit that she was dressed differently than most of my dates. She was wearing a cute set of pj’s and she looked adorable and quite hot. This seemed like it was going to be a fun date. She told me to take off my shoes and make myself comfortable while she got some drinks. So, I did. We each sat at one end of the white leather sofa and put our feet up. It was fun and sexy as we played footsie and talked. Another important aspect of my work is being a good listener, so I let her tell me what was on her mind. She explained that she and her husband were not getting on and that she really just needed no frills companionship and intimacy. She couldn’t risk picking someone up or taking a fan home and having a date with a girl didn’t really feel like cheating to her.

We relaxed and got more comfortable, enjoying our drinks and some other party supplies she brought out. Eventually we started making out and she seductively pulled down the zip of my hoodie. Let’s just say that I most definitely was not her first woman. She knew what she was doing and was probably one of the most generous dates I’ve had in terms of making sure I had as pleasurable a night as she did. Truth be told – we had a blast. And, in the morning, she looked at me and said ‘You, know that was so good, it sort of did feel like cheating’ and burst out laughing. Great tipper too!