Why I Never Argue With My Wife

I think I look good for my age. I’m in my seventies and most people I meet say they’d’ never guess. They think I’m in my fifties. I try to keep fit and even go to the gym twice a week. Staying in shape has always been important to me. I like to dress well and when I was younger, I definitely turned the head of a lot of ladies. I’ve been married to my wife for forty-five years. I love her dearly and we never argue.

One of the reasons we never argue is that we don’t disagree about our love life. She’s not that interested but I still need that intimacy from time to time. She’s beautiful and I would never disrespect her by forcing the issue, so I’ve found that the best solution is for me to find a nice lady, who understands my needs, to visit with from time to time.

To be honest, I don’t ever visit with the same lady twice. I don’t want to complicate my life like that and if I did that, I’d feel a little bit guilty. Like I was being unfaithful or something. Personally, I think faithfulness is all about the heart. That’s all that matters. Other things are, well, just nature and biology I suppose.

We live in one of the nicer counties outside of London, but my doctors are right in the West End. Due to my age, I have one or two health issues and I have to get a checkup regularly. About every month or six weeks, I go into London and, so I don’t have to drive home in the dark, I stay the night. I have a good pension. I damned well worked hard for it, so I should. I can afford it.

My wife enjoys what she calls her ‘me time’ too when I’m away. She goes out for a long lunch with some of her friends, has a hot bath and a glass of wine in the evening and reads a good book. So, it works out for both of us. Mind you, for all I know, she’s got a fella coming to see her. Never mind. Good on her if she does. Life’s too short and you certainly get more aware of it when you’re my age.

I’m driving back from London this morning. Last night, I had a nice young lady from Cleopatra Escorts come to see me at the hotel. I really like Cleopatra Escorts. They run a respectable business and the ladies who work for them are very professional.

Aalyah was her name. Even though I try to find ladies on their website, who are a little bit more mature, they always seem so young to me. Of course, everyone does these days. We had a few drinks at the hotel bar. I talked to her about my wife and our situation and she was really sweet and even seemed interested. She said she didn’t blame me and might even do the same when she’s my age. That gave me a chuckle.

I always do need a few drinks on these dates as even though I’m paying for a date, I still get nervous around beautiful women. Aalyah made me feel so comfortable though. She was thoughtful and affectionate and made sure I didn’t feel like a dirty old man. When I invited her up to my room, she even acted like she was looking forward to it. I don’t know if she really was, but I appreciated her enthusiasm nevertheless.

I love getting a massage and she was happy to oblige. She was very good and I had to stop myself from falling asleep. I never ask for any unusual services. I’m a pretty straight forward guy, with typical needs. Only problem is that being my age, things take a bit of time and patience is definitely required. Aalyah never got annoyed or frustrated with me. She reassured me, and was extremely gentle. It was a good experience. I sort of wish I didn’t have that rule about having a date with the same girl more than once, but I often feel that way the morning after.