A Lesson Part 2

Carrie started pacing like a predator and all eyes turned towards us. Ayden knew what was expected and presented himself, on his knees, at my feet, head bowed, hands clasped behind his back with his knees slightly open. I stepped towards him to make sure that the toes of my boots were visible to him revelling in knowledge that this position ensured that my boots were the only thing in his view.

He leaned forward and kissed each boot in turn, saying ‘Thank you Mistress’, clearly and loudly enough to be heard as he had been trained. In response, I plopped my heavy ‘cat’ upon his naked shoulders softly. I gestured to Carrie with my eyes and she moved closer to observe.

‘Carrie’, I said firmly, ‘Please restrain the slave.’

She looked at me, with a glint of menace in her eyes, and replied, ‘Of course, Mistress.’

I reached into my bag and handed her a heavy studded collar and four expensive leather cuffs with no further explanation. I waited to see what she did and was not disappointed. In fact, I was rather impressed. Clearly she’d been waiting for this opportunity for some time.

She stood in front of Ayden, took a fistful of his hair and yanked his head back so that he was looking up at her. A devilish grin crossed her face as she placed the collar around his neck and buckled it up.

‘Ayden’, I said quietly, ‘please go and stand by the cross.’ I continued, ‘I think you should refer to Carrie as ‘My Queen’ for the time being. Don’t you agree?’

He nodded deferentially and said ‘Yes, Mistress.’

He looked towards Carrie and bowed his head as he addressed her, ‘My Queen.’

Carrie responded with a cute, but sexy kind of grunt giggle and followed him to the St. Andrew’s Cross, where he automatically raised his arms and spread his legs as he faced the cross, assuming the position for a flogging.

Not only did I feel this was presumptuous on his part, as he had not received directions to do this, but it was not part of my plan. While I would have enjoyed an energetic flogging session this evening to get in my daily aerobic activity, Carrie was a complete novice and I never teach the use of whips until many lessons have been learned. I am very well respected by my colleagues at Cleopatra Escorts because of my years of experience and professionalism.

Moving up behind Ayden, I firmly slapped him between his legs, carefully measuring my strength so that the impact would just touch his balls, causing some discomfort to indicate my displeasure. I knew that he would, in fact, be aroused quickly by me doing this though as his pain and pleasure boundaries were so very blurred. He jumped slightly, startled and let out a small sound of surprise.

‘What did I tell you to do Ayden’? I asked.

‘You asked me to stand by the cross, Mistress’, he said, his voice revealing that he was feeling somewhat defiant tonight. I noted that the presence of Carrie might be causing him to show off a little bit. This amused me. No matter how much training you give a slave, they always require further discipline.

Carrie was watching with curiosity. I could see that she was feeling impatient, but one of the most important lessons for a Domme to learn is that good things are far more likely to come to those that wait.

‘You disobeyed Ayden. Remain where you are and do not move or make a sound.’ I could tell by the subtle quiver in his shoulder muscles that he knew that punishment was imminent. A single bead of sweat ran down the left side of his neck.

I returned to my bag and pulled out a thin riding crop with just a narrow leather head.

‘Carrie, I want you to watch and learn from this. You are not ready, yet, to wield a whip. Never fear, you will learn other ways to torment, humiliate and discipline Ayden first and they will be most enjoyable. Right now though, I must punish Ayden appropriately for his disobedience. I believe that you will gain a great understanding of the depths of his needs by seeing this.’

I strode quickly up behind Ayden, with my arm back in preparation. I gave him no warning as he deserved none. As I reached him, I allowed to crop to make contact with the soft flesh of the bottom of his buttocks – his sweet spot – with a load crack. I am a firm believer in quick, harsh and effective discipline when called for and Ayden knew that. His knees gave way slightly as he shouted in surprise and slid towards the floor slightly.

I reached my hand to feel the immediately rising pink welt and stroked it gently, encouraging him to regain his composure. He anticipated what was coming next and braced himself. Within a couple of minutes of unleashing my ferocity, his bottom was a criss cross of angry red welts, some splitting slightly. I was proud of Ayden. Normally, he would be a crumpled mess of sobs on the floor begging for my forgiveness, but in his desire to impress Carrie, he stood strong.

When I finished and went to him, running my nails gently down his back, he whispered the words that please me most. ‘Thank you, Mistress.’

Feeling satisfied that my point had been made, I noticed Carrie examining the damage from a few feet away, taking it all in calmly, coldly, clinically. I was growing to enjoy her more and more.

‘Carrie, turn him around on the cross and fix his cuffs to the links,’ my voice startling her out of her meditations.

She smiled at me, responding with a perfectly pitched, ‘Yes, mistress’, and completed the task.

I handed her a bag of clothes pegs. I find that these are a perfect toy for beginners to practice with. They are safe, playful and have the advantage of allowing novices to experiment and discover their true levels of sadism. I noticed Ayden, now red and glassy eyed with endorphins, smiling. He always has enjoyed clothes pegs and I could tell he was excited that Carrie would now be participating fully.

I whispered instructions in Carrie’s ear and she responded with her delightful giggle. I couldn’t help but imagining what it was going to be like when I had the opportunity to engage in some further play with this little minx. But, for now, I needed to concentrate on tonight’s scene. I allowed myself one indulgence first though. I gently cupped her chin in my hand before I stepped back, turned her face towards me and kissed her passionately. From the corner of my eye, I could see Ayden’s rising passion in response.

Carrie moved towards Ayden, looking like the sexiest mean girl ever in her little short uniform skirt, brandishing her clothes pegs with glee. As I had instructed, she placed one on each nipple and one dangling from the end of his foreskin. This was turning into a hugely enjoyable evening. She flicked them and cackled as he wriggled in response. I could feel the energy building between them.

I urged her to apply about a dozen more clothes pegs across his chest and belly and then showed her how to connect them all with a piece of string. She was a wonderful student and followed instructions very precisely and enthusiastically.

I was still very aware that we were the centre of a small but growing group of club members, who were watching the scene develop and beginning to respond with their own intimacies in a circle around us. When this type of collective sexual energy occurs, it’s very powerful and I feed off of it.

I was starting to feel the need for some release myself and so I felt it was time to take it to another level. I looked through my bag, feeling among the various dildoes, clamps and other toys I’d packed and found my strap on harness. This was going to get wild.

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