A Client’s Story

As a journalist I’ve often gone to extremes to find a story. In university it was mostly drinking to excess and taking stupid risks in order to write something wild. Since then I’ve travelled, I’ve gone on weird dates, eaten strange foods. One thing I hadn’t done, until recently, was hire an escort.

The idea came to me while I was eating my breakfast one morning. A mate of mine had recently broken up with his girlfriend, but was determined not to show up to an important work function without a date. He was having trouble finding a girl who could live up to his impossible standards and the time was ticking closer. I read his text and pondered his dilemma and joked that he should probably just call an escort agency.

He took me seriously. He asked me if I had ever made a booking with one. I hadn’t and suddenly I wondered why I hadn’t. I’m an open minded guy. I could use a little fun without all the strings attached. So I decided to write a story. That’s when my research lead me to Cleopatra’s escorts. London based; perfect.
I felt nervous when I first called. My palms were sweaty and my heart was racing. What was I doing? Was this a good idea? Well, I decided; it couldn’t be my worst idea! The receptionist was lovely and helped me through the process of making my booking with an escort I will refer to as S.

S arrived later that evening in a modest dress and coat that did nothing to give away her true reason for calling. She accepted my offer of a drink and watched as I made it in the kitchen. We made small talk. I wasn’t sure if there was a proper way of doing things, so I nervously asked her as she sipped her gin and tonic. She smiled reassuringly and said that she’d take the lead if I needed her to.

I accepted her offer and allowed myself to be led into the bedroom where she helped me out of my clothes, pushing me onto the bed, before slowly removing her own. I had never seen a woman like her naked in my life. Suddenly, I was convinced that she was worth every penny – and the night had barely even begun.

Without getting too graphic, I had the night of my life. S did take the lead, but when I nervously asked about certain specific acts (as per the ones listed on her profile), she was more than happy to get creative. It didn’t really feel like I was with an escort, it felt like I was with a girl I’d picked up and brought home on a night out. The only part that was really different is that when our time was up she took her money and left. I can’t say that wasn’t a perk really. It was all just so clean and simple. I’m an escort convert.

I told my friend to make that booking. He’s a convert as well.