Russian escorts have an exceptional reputation for providing the highest standards of companionship and satisfaction. Always stunningly beautiful and groomed immaculately, they come from a culture where the ability to please a man is highly valued. They work extremely hard to keep their bodies fit, healthy, their skin soft and smooth and do everything necessary to maintain an elegant appearance. Russian escorts are unusually captivating due to their high cheekbones and cat-like eyes.

If you are looking for a stylish, educated date to accompany you to a business or social function in London or any other city, a Russian escort is the perfect choice. Always dressed tastefully, with stylish accessories and flawless hair and makeup, they are guaranteed to turn heads. Russian women are well educated, multilingual and great conversationalists when that is required of them. They also understand the importance of allowing their companion to shine, ensuring that their behaviour and conduct always makes a good impression.

Russian call girls are not excellent social escorts. Known for being incredibly open minded, curious, creative, and skilful, Russian escorts are considered the finest in the business. Right from the moment you book your time with them, they pay very careful attention to your specific interests, needs, and desires. They want you to let them know exactly what you like and how you like it. They want to know your fantasies. They want to find out what you have done before and what you’ve always wanted to try. Russian escorts want to please you and earn your recognition for their excellent services. They take what they do very seriously and are committed to providing only the utmost satisfaction.

If you are discerning about the kind of call girl you choose, you will know that Russian escorts range in age from late teens to the late thirties. You may have a variety of reasons for booking a date and it is important to have a choice to suit your needs. If you are looking for a night of fun, partying, maybe even hitting some clubs and then back to your hotel for some lively action, a Russian escort in her late teens or early twenties might suit your needs. If you need a chic, glamorous date for a social event, who can mix a variety of social circles, then you may want an escort in her late twenties or early thirties, with more experience and refinement.

Having a choice is also important because everyone has different erotic needs. A young, fresh, cute babe might be great fun for a lively, playful evening, especially if you enjoy a date with the energy to do all the hard work for you. There’s nothing like a bubbly, cheeky, young Russian escort, who still has a pink, plump, and inviting moist slit, wiggling on top of you while you watch her pert, pretty, natural tits bounce up and down. Let her bring along some poppers and give you a blast just when she knows you are ready. Blow your mind and your load at the same time.

If you are into very specific fetishes, you’re going to want to book a slightly more experienced Russian escort. Say you enjoy being restrained and having a woman sit on your face, just slightly taking your breath away, as you sniff and lick her ring. Maybe you love the combination of her smell and the way it arouses you, combined with her control and ability to smother you slightly, with the humiliation of knowing that you’re tasting a forbidden place. A Russian escort in her twenties or early thirties would have the timing and knowledge necessary to take you the headspace you enjoy most while exploring your secret desires.

Because Russian escorts spend a great deal of time and effort making sure that every part of their body is beautiful, you can be assured that they have the prettiest feet. If you are into feet or foot worship, a Russian escort would be a perfect choice because her feet will always be just how you like them. We urge you to let her know how that is. You might love to beg to kiss her feet or to lick them, getting your tongue deep in between her lovely, pedicured toes. You might prefer feet enclosed in extremely high stiletto heels; the kind that hurt so very much when pushed into your flesh, but which accentuate the curve of a woman’s ankle and the arch of her foot so delightfully. If you love feet clad in PVC boots, polished to a shine that you can see yourself in them, as you prostrate yourself on the floor, crawling and cowering for the statuesque, strict, dominatrix standing over you, all you have to do is let your Russian escort know and she may just grant your request to worship her. Sometimes men like feet to have a certain odour and want their Russian escort to wear socks and trainers before their arrival, allowing them to relish the musk and sweat. Russian escorts understand fetishes and special requests, so make sure to let them know how they can please you, or, if you prefer to please them, let them know about that too.

Even though call girls are available from the late teens to the early thirties, some types of fantasies are best played out with Russian escorts with specialist skills and the experience that comes with age. Russian escorts who provide BDSM services, which include domination and submission, are enthusiasts for this erotic art. They understand the nuances of bondage, dominance, submission and masochism and the importance of authentic role playing. In fact, if you are new to the world of BDSM and you want an education, a Russian escort will be able to guide into this sensual adventure safely, with just enough danger to make it thrilling.

When you have an interest in bondage, domination, submission, or masochism, feel free to let your Russian escort know when you make your booking. They have well-stocked toy boxes and wardrobes, which will allow them to bring your fantasy to life in the best possible way. If you want whips, dildos, strap ons, nipple clips or restraints, your Russian escort will make sure to have these available for your appointment. If you wish to be dominated, she can dress accordingly in latex or PVC, fulfilling your fantasy of the ultimate Domme.

Your Russian escort can restrain you in many ways and provide a multitude of experiences that will have you throbbing, and in need of release, which of course she can provide as you please. A wonderful way to enjoy bondage with your Russian escort is to have her bring along a friend. They can restrain you and then put on a show for you. How would you enjoy a live domination and submission show for you with two gorgeous Russian escorts? One can spank, torture, and humiliate the other, making her show you how wet it makes her to be so embarrassed while you are watching. She can make her submissive bend over, while you are cuffed, so you cannot touch her, with her glistening, pink hole, dripping inches from your face and then, make you watch as she slowly slides her strap on dildo inside her. You would be forced to watch the submissive shudder on the end of the dildo in ecstasy, while you sit there, hard as a rock, waiting for your turn.

Things will only improve when the dominant Russian escort, turns her submissive towards you, pushing into her from behind with her extra-large, vibrating strap on dildo. She will force her submissive’s pouting, panting, open mouth down onto you, as you buck, trying to push more deeply. When the Domme thinks you are both ready and deserving, you will have your restraints removed and you can use the submissive for your final satisfaction. The submissive will willingly open any of her entrances for your use and, if you want to finish on her face, she will kneel in front of you, and look up at you with big, wide, pleading, submissive eyes while you do.

Because Russian escorts are so open minded, no requests shock them. They understand how to indulge those who enjoy water sports and other kinky activities. Russian escorts have well-developed techniques in this particular activity and love to show off their tricks. They can stand above you and let it flow on your face, in your mouth, or wherever you love to feel that hot, steamy stream. They can squat and let you watch as it rushes out of them and can switch it off like a tap. If this is your favourite activity, let them know and they can prepare the space for some wild water sports fun for you.

Don’t feel embarrassed about asking your Russian escort to dress up to fulfil your role playing fantasies. She can be your naughtiest, or most innocent schoolgirl, making you feel unable to control yourself around her ripe and inviting body, a French maid surprised by your forceful advances as she tries to clean your room, or a saucy secretary, who bends over your desk to take a different type of dictation. That’s the wonderful thing about Russian escorts. They are there to help you live out your fantasies.

Russian escorts can also provide a genuine and fulfilling girlfriend experience. They love hanging out and doing fun things and, because they are well-travelled and educated, enjoy great conversation. They will listen to you and get to know you. They will kiss you and flirt with you and make you feel like you are the focus of all of their attention. They will seduce you and treat you exactly as you’d want a girlfriend to, but without any drama or commitment, so once the date is over, you can return to your life and enjoy the memories of a wonderful date with a woman who was attentive, thoughtful, and very sexy.

Russian escorts have the competency and ability to provide an excellent service in a short thirty-minute session if you are pressed for time and just require some relaxation and release. Even in a short session, you will not feel rushed and you will have the opportunity to get comfortable and truly enjoy the experience. Our Russian escorts normally provide this as an incall service, so you can drop by to their clean and pleasant apartments and they will have everything set up for you. All you need to do is arrive, and all your needs will be taken care of.

Our Russian escorts come to London from Russia because they love meeting new people, travelling, and getting the opportunity to get to know men from around the world. Women from Russia love to be adored and that is one of the reasons why working as a call girl suits them. Russian women enjoy sensual experiences and because they are accepting and understanding of all sexual desires, needs, and fantasies, they excel as escorts. This is why Russian escorts are known for being some of the best in the world and why they are always in high demand.

When you book an appointment with a Russian escort, you may be having one of the most amazing nights of your life. You may be trying something you’ve always wanted to, or fulfilling a fantasy that has been in your mind for years. You may be having an erotic encounter with one, or even two, of the most beautiful women you’ve ever spent time with in your life. That is why many Russian escorts will allow you to film during your date. They understand what a powerful experience it is and why you might want to be able to replay it and relive the experience through your own film, over and over again.

In fact, you’ll find that often Russian escorts will happily give you a full porn star experience making sure that you can direct your filming to get the best angles and shots so that when you watch it, you can see everything clearly, closely, and feel like you’re there again. So, if you want your Russian escort to move in a certain way, open her mouth a certain way, lift her leg so that you can get a great shot of yourself sliding into her, all you have to do is ask and she’ll happily oblige.

This is why Russian escorts are in such great demand. They do whatever is necessary to make you happy. They want you to be satisfied completely and they are both willing and very eager to make that happen. They are gorgeous, enthusiastic, thoughtful, classy, smart, and keen to ensure that they maintain a great reputation by providing an excellent service in every way. So, if you are looking for a premier call girl for companionship in London, have a look at our Russian escorts and treat yourself to a luxury experience.