A Gift for the Season

The perfect gift: a box and a bow,
A kiss, beneath the mistletoe.
All tied up with ribbon and string,
The greatest gift is not a thing.

The greatest gift, is a she,
Who might your new present be?
A curvy blonde with bright green eyes?
A firm brunette with tanned, toned thighs?

A pale redhead with eyes like glass?
A clever girl with wit and class?
A wild card who knows good fun?
A girl, for one night, who could be the one?

A woman with style and stories to tell?
A lady from heaven or one sent from hell?
Devils and angels, goddesses them all,
Who better to lay with and watch the snow fall?

A gift for the season, a companion of night,
The gift that is perfect, the gift that is right.
Spoil yourself, fill your bed with some cheer,
Let’s go on an adventure my dear.