A Lesson Part 4

When arranging a scene in a public space, I believe that one must carefully balance keeping the intimacy of the interaction, while, at the same time, performing as if in a theatre. After all, there is always an audience. I have an uncanny ability to create such an electrifyingly erotic spectacle that observers often find themselves self-pleasuring as they share in the provocative and deeply twisted experience. But to keep the energy contained and to make those participating in the scene feel its intensity to their core, I need to exploit my skills to take them out of their conscious and present mind and lure them deeper into their psyche.

Many people do not realise how deeply psychological the power exchange of BDSM can be in practice. The best Dommes, like myself, are natural empaths. We are also almost supernaturally gifted with an aura of confidence, which we have always wielded, but never honed until we discovered exactly what we were capable of. Human sexuality is far more complex than most people think. Actually, that is not entirely true. Let me rephrase that. Human sexuality is far more complex than most people admit. Most people, deep down, have sexual thoughts, desires, cravings, and practices that they are ashamed of, or feel alone in. They will not even admit them to their significant others or their therapists.

I would like to think that I help people liberate themselves from the fear of the things they think about when they are all alone, touching themselves, indulging in their most taboo fantasies and becoming aroused by the shame. I can bring those dark yearnings to the surface, and even teach them to play them out in a safe way. My clients soon discover that there is nothing on this earth more potent than reaching the pinnacle of this kind of pleasure. It is a gift that all our bodies possess, but so few completely unleash. Once they do, it is life changing, and I get a thrill out of making that happen.

Experiencing that freedom in public takes it to a higher level and provides me with additional psychological tools to intensify the occasion. So, I arranged things so that Carrie and Ayden were facing each other. I wanted him to look into her soul and share the ecstasy she was receiving as I slowly, but purposefully pumped my dildo, now shimmering with her essence. I watched his eyes and the heat rising in his face.

I could see that he was conflicted. His natural jealousy battling with his uncontrollable arousal. He looked up briefly. I locked eyes with him as I sucked my own finger deep into my mouth. He was mesmerised for a moment. I could not help but smile wickedly when I saw the realisation of my intentions force him to change his expression.

Carrie had started to relax into my thrusts, moaning loudly and swearing occasionally under her breath. “Oh, my fucking God! Mmmmmm. Please fuck me deeper. I need to feel it. Ohhhhh.” She had succumbed to the sensations.

Ayden and I continued to look at each other, my smile growing wider and more mischievous as I could see his eyes follow my hand down to the round, soft skin of her buttocks. I tickled her tight little back entrance briefly. Just long enough for her head to jerk back up in surprise, and immediately resume eye contact again with Ayden as I inserted my finger up to its first knuckle. Ayden’s dick instantly stood to attention and Carrie yanked on the string attached to the pegs attached to both his nipples. He froze.

The beauty of clothes pegs is that they cut off the circulation in the nipples just enough to cause an exquisite but extreme sensation that tortures the brain’s nerve receptors when removed quickly. The neurons fire back and forth between pleasure and pain and the body flickers like a candle in response. It is truly a wonderful thing to witness, especially at such a well-orchestrated moment such as this. His pupils dilated and his head lolled.

Carrie giggled a little, which was perfect as it allowed me to change things up a bit without her noticing. Leaving Ayden to his own devices, since I knew he was in such a submissive headspace that he would zoned out for a while, I focused on Carrie, and, I must admit, my own gratification. We all have our own personal penchants that should be satisfied from time to time. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I stealthily pulled my finger out of Carrie and leaned back slightly, hearing her sigh as the long, hefty, dildo popped out. I kneeled behind her, leaving her trying to look over her shoulder to find out what I was doing. I could see that her hole, framed by the sweetest, pink lips, was gaping slightly now, and dripping with natural lubrication. I touched her clit, so very softly that she squirmed, her body responding involuntarily even though she probably could barely feel it. Using my index and second finger, I collected some of her glistening juices used them to ease the glide of my fingers over her now, fully exposed nub, feeling it grow and engorge under my touch. Her body bucked and she inhaled loudly.

I leaned forward, my nose just nestling between her cheeks, and allowed my tongue to touch the entrance to her quim revelling in the sweet, slightly salty flavour. I moaned inwardly as I allowed it to continue until I reached the forbidden, dirty, naughty little hole I was looking for and pressed the tip in to the entrance.  This was my happy place, and I was going to savour it.

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