A Lesson Part 8

“Carrie.” She acknowledged me with a glance, but I could tell that she was losing her focus. I required her to remain present. “Carrie.” My pitch became more intense and demanding.

Carrie responded by smiling at me sweetly and making direct eye contact. She is such a delightful tease. “Good girl.” I waited a moment before speaking further to make sure that she would not allow herself to be distracted by the warm tongue tantalising her little pink rosebud. “Lift yourself away from his tongue.” A brief look of disappointment crossed her face, which pleased me immensely. This was, after all, intended to be a punishment for them both. Perhaps that was just occurring to her.”

As she raised herself a few inches away from Ayden’s face, he groaned audibly. “Ayden. Keep moving your tongue as if you are still licking her like a good slave.” I noted a titter of nervous laughter spread through our audience. Ayden’s face reddened, and his cock stood ramrod straight. One of his darkest desires was always for public humiliation and there was nothing that could find those secret places in his darkest fantasies more potently than being seen so vulnerable and desperate.

His little flicking tongue was amusing to me, but only momentarily. “Carrie, now lower your pussy onto his tongue. As soon as you feel you are going to cum, I want you to tell me. Do you understand little one?” She nodded eagerly and complied.

It was obvious that the anticipation had the desired effect. As she lowered herself onto Ayden’s greedy mouth, her clear, sweet juices, flowed down his cheeks and the hungry slurping sounds he made, gave me the most pleasant sensation in my own loins. There was something about the energy between the two of them. They had great sexual chemistry and this experience had simply liberated them. Carrie’s hips started to move rhythmically with short gentle thrusts, and she had started to pant and whimper. I was not about to allow her to disobey me.

She was so lost in her rising euphoria that she did not notice I was beside her until I had a handful of her hair in my hand and pulled her away from Ayden, who, let out another sad little groan of disappointment. “Poor little Ayden. He is trying so hard to be good and you, Carrie, seem to be the one choosing to disobey your Mistress. Perhaps I have been too indulgent with you.” Carrie cried out as I pulled her into a standing position and bless him, Ayden, kept his tongue out, not wanting to disappoint me.

“Ayden, you can stop that now. What I would like you to do is pleasure yourself with your hand. As you have had lessons in edging, I want you to teach your demanding young lady what that means. She needs to learn obedience and self-restraint.” I gestured to one of the helpers to fetch my bag. While he was doing that, I led Carrie to the Louis XV Bergère chair I had been using previously. When the quite fetching young man, wearing nothing but a leather harness, returned with my bag, I instructed him to move the chair and place it next to Ayden, who was completely absorbed with stroking his cock.

“Carrie. It’s time for you to take a seat and learn.” As if she were a recalcitrant teen, she slumped into the chair. I could sense her frustration and it made me grin with satisfaction. I reached into my bag and pulled out a riding crop. Without warning, I popped Carrie’s sensitive inner thigh, making her yelp and look at me with a combination of shock, hurt, and something else. Was she being defiant?

I aimed for a spot just below the pink line that was forming on her thigh and struck her again. This time, achieving the result I was looking for. She immediately straightened her back and sat upright. “That’s much better child. And you are behaving like a child. You know that.” Her eyes twinkled with mischief, but she didn’t say a word.

“Spread your legs, Carrie.” I placed a large vibrator against her pussy. It was barely touching the front of her mound. I switched it on momentarily and watched Carried jump slightly as if I’d shocked her with electricity. Oh, her poor clit. It must be throbbing for her to respond like that. Perfect. That is exactly the state I wanted her in. I pulled the vibrator just out of reach.

I turned to check on Ayden, who had stopped stroking himself. His hand remained motionless on his cock, and I could see him mouthing numbers, counting down from fifty, as I had taught him. Ayden’s training had been thorough, and I could usually rely on his obedience. “Look at Ayden. Do you see what he is doing Carrie?” I placed the still buzzing vibrator against her pussy lips and got a kick out of the way her body jerked in response. I pulled it away again to emphasise the point I was about to make.

“You are allowed to touch this vibrator to your pussy as long as Ayden is stroking his cock. You can only just touch your pussy with it. You cannot use it to rub your pussy, nor can you touch it to your clit directly. The minute he stops, you are to stop. You are not allowed to cum. Do you understand?” Carrie nodded and placed her hand over mine. She took control of the vibrator and did as she had been told.

Oh, this was going to be so fun to watch. I stood back, crossed my arms, and prepared to watch the show.

(to be continued)