All I Want for Christmas

I want Santa with a strap on for Christmas’. That was the special request. I am an work with Cleopatra Escorts and all of us are kink friendly and never shocked by requests involving consenting adults. So, while this one gave me a chuckle and I knew I’d be late home for Christmas dinner with my family, I still was determined to make this happen.

The gentleman booked me through Cleopatra’s online booking service and had detailed exactly what he wanted. This one was a new one for me, for sure, but I had no intention of disappointing. He wanted a dominatrix to surprise him in a Santa outfit and give him a sound seeing to for being on Santa’s naughty list. Now, maybe I misunderstood, but I sort of get the idea that this fellow is going to enjoy our time together a little bit too much for it to be punishment, so I’m going to add a little sassiness to the whole event with a riding crop, which I’ll carry down the side of my thigh high leather boots.

I spent all week planning this date. I take what I do seriously and if it’s a special event, I’m always up for doing some shopping. I wasn’t sure whether he wanted me to go all out with a fat man suit and a beard or if he was thinking about a more sexy Santa. Given that he’d contacted me, instead of a male escort, I suspected the latter. I found the most adorable little Santa suit, with a short fuzzy red skirt with white trim. In fact, you could just see the tip of my strap on showing from underneath, which I thought added a nice touch.

The Santa jacket with the suit fit like a second skin. It had two buttons that pulled everything together nicely, right under my cleavage, which really did make my boobs look like full bags of toys. Works for me as they are certainly heaps of fun to play with. I decided that it looked better without a bra, but I would need to keep in mind that my boobs would pop out at any time if I bent over too far. They do have a habit of doing that, especially when I’m bent right over, if you get my drift. I always giggle when I’m being seen to from behind, in front of a mirror and that happens.

I thought it would be cute to bring my own sack of toys. I mean my strap on is pretty impressive and would probably satisfy this date deeply, but he sounds like he’s into other types of play too and, as he’s booked me for two hours, I want the strap on to be, well, like the star on the Christmas tree. The last item that makes it perfect.

I found this adorable glass candy cane vibrator and jingle bell nipple pasties. So, I’m thinking I’m going to do a little striptease for him first. I’m going to keep the Santa outfit for later in the date. I want to make this special and since I am almost famous for my role playing, it will be like a story from start to finish. I’ll arrive dressed as an elf. I’ll tell him that I’ve been sent ahead of Santa to find out just how naughty he has been.

Then, I’m going to wrap him up like a present with lots and lots of ribbon. He won’t be able to move. Then I will perform a delightful elfy striptease to ‘I Know What he Wants for Christmas’, by Kay Martin. That song always makes me smile. I’ll swing my little jingle bells for him and then make him watch while I get my candy cane vibrator all wet and sticky and then lick it clean while he watches.

In my bag, I’ve got this adorable little Rudolf the red nose reindeer blindfold. So, I think I’ll leave him trussed up and blindfold while I go into the bathroom to change. I can do a pretty good rendition of ‘Santa Baby’, so I’ll sing that through the door to him, while I pull on my fishnet stockings over my very smooth and tanned long legs. Then I’ll slip my beautiful feet into those thigh high boots, tuck in my riding crop and put a new song on. I have the perfect one for this date. An oldie, but a goodie. It’s by Clarence Carter and it’s called ‘Back Door Santa’. Don’t you just adore that?

I’ll get out and unwrap him slowly, leaving the blindfold on. I’ll whisper in his ear, telling him how bad my elf says he’s been and ask him how much punishment he thinks he can take. Once he’s undressed, I’ll pull off the blindfold so he can see his gift to himself in all its glory, before I sit down and order him to lie over my knee like a good boy. My strap on will be poking him as he lay across my lap, reminding him of what’s to come. That’s when the riding crop will come out to play. I’ve attached little bells to it just to keep the Christmas spirit going.

Once his bottom is nice and red and warm all over, he’ll be ready to get his big surprise. By this time, I know he won’t last long, but I’m going to make it the most exciting and pleasurable few minutes he’s ever had in his life. I love the fact that he plans to treat himself for Christmas. I have no idea if he’ll be going home to anyone afterwards, like I will, but I will certainly make sure that he leaves me feeling happy, appreciated and spoiled. Isn’t that what everyone should feel on Christmas?