Anita & Frederick

‘Be good Frederick. I’ll see you later’. Frederick has been with me most of my life. He’s an old fellow now. My parents got him for me when I turned thirteen. They said I was old enough for the responsibility of a dog and from that day on we were inseparable. Frederick used to be a lean, glossy coated, solid black lab, but now he’s a distinguished older gentleman, greying slightly round the muzzle. “A little bit like my date tonight”, I giggled to myself as I locked the door behind me.

Frederick is all I have left of my family. Both of my parents died in a car crash when I was 20. From then on, it was just me and Frederick. I’d always been a Daddy’s girl and I’d loved being spoiled rotten. At least I still had the house that my folks had bought and paid for. I’d lived in that house my whole life and had never thought about living anywhere else.

Once I’d pulled myself out of the haze I was in after they died, I realised that I needed to find a way to look after myself and Frederick. I’d never wanted for anything when my parents were alive and although they’d left me a little nest egg, I knew I had to find a job that would be flexible enough to make sure that Frederick wasn’t left alone for too long. He was so used to always having people around.

When you have a dog, you get to know other people in your neighbourhood who have dogs too because you all meet up at the local park every day. Over the years, I’d become dog walking acquainted with a young Brazillian woman called Anita, who was a few years older than me. She was quite glamorous and she drove a very nice car. She had an adorable little pug called Chico and he and Frederick were good buddies.

I had always assumed she must have a rich husband until one day I was sharing my troubles with her and asked her enviously how she managed to always seem so put together and cheerful. I suppose it was rude but I couldn’t help myself. “Do you have a rich husband or something?” She burst out laughing and told me that she was very happily single and that was proud to say that everything she owned she’d paid for herself.

Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I asked her what she did for a living. She said she didn’t really want to talk about it in the park, what with all the busy bodies around, and suggested that we meet at a local coffee bar later for a chat. As I walked into the trendy coffee bar, I saw her sitting at a secluded table at the back. She was on the phone, but saw me and waved me over as she finished her conversation. Grinning, she said ‘That was a booking. I’ll be making a pretty penny tonight.’ I raised my eyebrows, but thought better of being too pushy.

We ordered coffee and she asked me a few questions about boyfriends and whatnot. We had a couple of giggles about how much more fun it was to be single and then she took me by surprise when she blurted out ‘Sandy, I’m an escort’. At first, I was confused and thought I’d misheard her but then I realised that I’d heard exactly what she said. She told me what she did and how much she earned and from that moment on, I hung on her every word. I realised that this could be the perfect way for me to make a living. I was in no mood to let a boyfriend into my life. Frederick would not appreciate it. I love the company of men though and I wanted to earn good money.

She said she had this great company, who organised her bookings. They were called Cleopatra Escorts. My life has never been the same since. I mean, not all the guys are interesting or even nice, but actually, most of them have something to offer. Whether it’s an interesting life story, a great sense of humour or plenty of money to indulge me with presents, I make the most out of every date.

I particularly love dating older men. They are respectful and appreciative. They know how to treat a lady and they want me to have as good a time as they are having. Before I went on my first date, Anita took me to the salon and had me smartened up. She even lent me one of her dresses for the evening. Since then, I’ve learned how to take care of myself and the gentlemen who date me always mention that the photos on my web page don’t do me justice.

I love the excitement of getting ready and letting my imagination run wild. I love being wined and dined, taken to fancy restaurants or to special events. I love the way that my dates look so proud when other men in the room stare at me. I also love the time I spend with them privately and I know it shows because they always tell me what a pleasure it is to be with such an enthusiastic young lady. That’s a pretty good way to describe me. Enthusiastic. I care about having happy clients and I know it shows.

The best thing is that the most important fellow in my life, Frederick, knows that I’ll always be back with a special treat for him. I’ve even told some of my dates about him. It’s amazing how many people love dogs and it gives us something fun to talk about to break the ice. I can’t wait to see what tonight’s date is going to be like. Cleopatra Escorts, being as professional as they are, have made sure I’ll know how to make him happy though, and that’s what I call job satisfaction.