“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know there was anybody in here,” he said as he burst through the restroom door.
I spun around and noticed him standing in the doorway, there was a blue stain all the way down his white shirt. It looked like something spilt on him.
“Don’t even worry about it, I’m almost done anyway,” I responded as I continued fixing my eye-liner in the mirror.
“Thanks, I just need to get out of these clothes. The waitress at the bar tripped and sent my order flying across my chest. I’m Rick, by the way.”
“Perla,” I said, smiling.
I smiled and watched him in the mirror. He unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor before unbuckling his pants and dropping it to his feet. I almost gasped out loud as my eyes moved to his crotch: his underwear was barely able to keep his massive cock inside. I became aroused instantly. I caught his eye for a brief second before looking away. He knew I was watching him.
I bent over the counter, feeling my short skirt rising. I glanced in the mirror and watched as he pulled his underwear down. His massive cock bounced out. My sexy upskirt pose was making him erect. I bent down further, my large tits pressing down on the cold counter, almost popping out of my low-cut top. I glanced in the mirror again as I noticed him making his way over to me.
“You are so damn hot,” he said before grabbing my short skirt and jerking it up to my waist, exposing my white thong buried between my tight cheeks.
I spread my legs a little as I felt his hand between my legs, rubbing my cotton panties over my moist, shaven lips. He could feel I was wet for him.
“Why don’t you fuck my tight little cunt with that monstrous cock?” I asked him seductively.
Without hesitation he jerked my panties down to my knees and pressed up behind me. I could feel his massive shaft, it was like a third arm on his body. Long and thick. I closed my eyes and gasped as I felt the tip of his dick inching into my tight hole. It felt even bigger than it looked. I knew he was struggling to get it in.
“Just force it in, it won’t hurt,” I assured him.
He grabbed my hips hard and continued inching his massive cock into me. It felt like he was stretching me to my absolute limit. It felt incredible. I grabbed the side of the counter, my knuckles turning white. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth as I felt him enter me more.
“I don’t think you’re going to fit…” I gasped.
At that moment he thrust forward, filling me completely with his cock. I shouted out. He grabbed my hips harder as he pulled himself out and shoved himself back in. I screamed again. It was extremely arousing. He started fucking me hard, my tits moved back and forth on the counter as he pounded me like a maniac. Within minutes I felt my body become electrified.
“I’m going to cum,” I stuttered, barely able to speak.
I moaned loudly as I convulsed into an intense climax, shaking uncontrollably as my orgasm took hold of my entire body. I could feel myself tightening and squirting, feeling the liquid running down my legs. At that moment I heard him grunting loudly as he erupted inside me, filling my tight hole with his hot cum. After a few more minutes of frantic pounding he pulled himself out.
I could barely stand up as I felt his semen running out of my gaping hole. I turned around and smiled before pulling my panties up and leaving the restroom. It would be an encounter I would never forget.