I hadn’t bargained on the fact that my car would break down. It was supposed to be a nice day at the lake before heading back to the city. As a London escort time was money so I had to get back soon.
“Are you sure nobody lives here?” I asked Scott as we entered the abandoned cabin.
“I doubt it,” he said calmly as he started a fire in the stone fireplace inside the small cabin.
It would be our only source of warmth and light for the night. To make matters worse, I could hear a storm brewing in the distance. I sat down on one of the wooden chairs and rubbed my bare legs for warmth. My short skirt barely went down halfway to my knees and my shoe-string top didn’t offer much warmth either.
Scott stood up once the fire was started and walked towards me. He brushed my long blonde hair from my face as he leaned in for a kiss. His moved his right hand to my shirt as he groped one of my large breasts. He could probably feel my nipples become more erect as he tugged at it softly while I slipped my tongue into his mouth.
“I’m not sure if this is the right place for this…” I said nervously as I pulled away and looked around the room.
It was dark outside now, lighting cracked in the distance. I lifted my arms as Scott pulled my top over my head, my firm tits bouncing out. He immediately went down and wrapped his lips around my dark aureole, sucking hard on my stiff nipples. I moaned softly as he moved up and started kissing my neck.
“Do you want to do me from behind?” I whispered in his ear.
He nodded his head as I stood up and bent over a wooden table. He came up behind me and pulled my skirt up. He then slipped his hands into the sides and jerked my moist lacy panties to my knees. He gave my tight ass a soft slap.
“Jessica, you’re the hottest London escort I’ve ever seen,” he said as I felt him part my cheeks.
The next moment I felt him inching his massive erect cock into my tight pussy. I bent over more, my breasts pressing hard against the table as he parted my swollen lips. I could feel his veiny dick slip in and out of my tight hole as he started ramming me hard and fast.
“Harder!” I begged.
He grabbed by hips hard as he continued shoving himself in and out of me. A few minutes later I felt his cock tighten as he erupted inside of me, filling my tight pussy with his hot cum as he continued fucking me frantically. I felt a tingling in my breasts and between my legs as I cried out loudly, my eyes rolling back in my head and my body exploding into an intense orgasm.
A few seconds later Scott pulled himself from my ravaged pussy as I collapsed onto the couch, exhausted. I was more than happy to keep him company for the rest of the night…